Juventus 2-2 Chelsea Highlights

Chelsea booked a place in quarter-finals of the Champions League with help of 2 away goals from Essien and Drogba.

Aggregate Score: Chelsea 3-2 Juventus

1-0 V.Iaquinta 19′

1-1 M.Essien 45′

2-1 A.Del Piero (Pen) 74′

2-2 D.Drogba 82′

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5 Responses

  1. Lampard Sucks says:

    Still he does Sucks may be he rules some club call SUCKS along with Terry but not Chelsea man . Oh yeah Essien and Ballack are great.

  2. OMfG Chelsea FTW says:

    lampard rules man y u gotta be like that and omg essien is such a sikcunt I Love That Guy

  3. chelsea says:

    Chheellsseeaa forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lampard Sucks says:

    Oh yea he did and why am I not suprised

  5. woodrow says:

    Once again for the millionth time, another reason to have instant replay in footy.  The Drogba free kick was a GOAL!!!  Luckily they got one right after that.

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