Brazil 1-0 England Highlights

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    get fuked

  2. Almaso Generous says:

    England was beaten coz they missed the services of both Gerrard and Lampard, they lacked creativity in  the mid-field.

  3. Whilst the lack of a true cutting edge was a disappointment for England, I think the inevitable criticisms that always follow a defeat can safely be ignored.

    There is no chance that this England line-up will ever contest a serious match, having only two starters (Rooney & Barry) and both these played well.

    While it is true that Brazil were also not at full strength, they nevertheless fielded Kaka, Fabiano, Maican, Lucio, Dida and Elano, and the England reserves STILL held them to a marginal 1-0 win.
    True, it could have been worse; if it had not been a friendly, the ref would surely have sent off Foster… Wes Brown’s dismal back-header was just one of a catalogue of errors in his game tonight.

    Given that the England players have been taken from a wet. cold England , to a sweltering arena to play, and given that Jenas was so anonymous as to mean we were effectively playing with ten men, the team held their own fairly well.

    Bent had no service to speak of, thus was not afforded a chance to show what he can do; SWP was tenacious, and plays better when being more positive.

    Foster must have gained some confidence – he could do nothing about the goal, but dealt with everything else, one iffy kick aside… Nilmar deserved his goal, and was the most threatening of the Brazilians generally.

    Nevertheless, it is difficult to see the point of interrupting the season for a largely meaningless friendly which has seen such an unlikely number of players absent through “injury” – most of whom will have no doubt recovered sufficiently to take part in the resumption of PL matches…