Brazil 4-3 Egypt Highlights

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23 Responses

  1. Adolf Lucifer says:

    …and now they’ve done even better; they’ve just beaten the World Champions Italy! Way to go Egypt!

  2. Iraqi-Mustafa says:

    GO EGYPT GO!!!! and inshallah the cup!

  3. Ahmed Egyptian says:

    Egypt fascinates the world and lose the privilege of the Confederations Cup against Brazil

  4. Egyptian Man says:

    Egypt Will won The Cup
    And God With Us

  5. robert says:

    congratulations to egypt for fantastic game

  6. egypt says:

    egypt was the best and i really love it lets say egypt …. egypt ….for all

  7. from god says:

    bom bom bom bom egypt bom bom bom god is great…. that you have to say

  8. yusuf says:

    i think indonesia is d’Best. ilove it.

  9. Brasil vs. Egypt says:

    I am a Brasilian, but i trully think that Egypt was the better team. They trully OWNED the field against Brasil. I am really disapointed with the Egyptians loss. If they face Brasil again, i want them too win, it’s better then lossing agianst stupid France.
    Lets hope Egypt goes very far 🙂

  10. medo_sisy says:

    Egypt desrved more than what she found at last in its way …Egypt desrved to have the three points and it was better than Brazil as all of you ahve seeen by thier own eyes

  11. Anonymous says:

    Brazil today was wearing red and egypt was wearing yellow…i am so proud of my country
    vivaaaaaaaaaa my egypt…..

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Adolf Lucifer says:

    …I didn’t see much from Kaka to justify his being the most expensive player in the world… big ups and many props to Egypt though, they were outstanding.
    It’s a shame to see that once again the British media seem oblivious to the existence of the Confederations Cup; it’s like “If we’re not in it, we’re not interested”
    Thank goodness for the Interweb…

  14. brazil are poo says:

    brazil were so extremely poor it wasnt funny…
    if they are anywhere near favourites for this tournament then im done, spain are miles ahead of them and even egypt had their measure.

    btw that zidan fella is brilliant

  15. Egypt da best says:

    egypt was the best team today and abu trika with zidan f**k daniel alves , Egyptian player put in brazil team

  16. Damm says:

    what a close game that was. Brazil barely won but egypt was on fire. I expected them to lose 3-0 but they got back up

  17. Anonymous says:

    awesome performance … jaw dropping goals …. but the f**king defense could have stopped at least 2 goals .. yet our national team gave us something to be proud of

  18. crap eater 72 says:

    i think that egypt should have won

  19. crap eater 72 says:

    it tasted funny

  20. crap eater 72 says:

    that was crap that i ate

  21. Egypt says:

    What’s new? i think the weak always doing the best vs. the stronger so that the truth of every one disappear.
    Brazil DESERVE TO WIN due to its history even though the match was in Egypt………..

  22. Moe says:

    The Brazilians weathered the storm and finally gained a victory they scarcely deserved.
    Egypt was way too good to lose such a game like this, i think they have a good chance to go to the semi finals.

  23. Anonymous says: