Liverpool 1-2 Lyon Highlights

Lyon deepened the sense of crisis surrounding Liverpool and manager Rafael Benitez as Cesar Delgado’s injury-time winner left their Champions League ambitions hanging in the balance.

Watch UEFA Champions League Group E football match, Liverpool Vs Lyon Highlights here.

1-0 Benayoun 41′

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17 Responses

  1. sorry, ignore previous post – wrong page…!

  2. addendum: The prohibition – if such it is – would be from the country in which the game is being played; Liverpool played with the logo in the home tie.

  3. liverpool says:

    uh i got the link that you can see the highlight  click here

  4. David says:

    Liverpool Are Going To Own Lyon Tonight They Perform When Thay HAVE To

  5. robie says:

    i think those who are advocating for Liverpool coach to be sacked they are sack a coach now Liverpool will struggle to finish top 4.for me Rafa Benitez is the best coach ever.

  6. robie says:

    man u i think u ave 4gotten who Liverpool are en Wat they can u was thrashed 4 goals by Liverpool  and on this weekend they will suffer the same fate as last season.

  7. man utd says:

    i h8 liverpool bcoz they cuss by sain united shyyt…. we waiii bettter dan liverpool! lmao 4 losses in last 4 games.. even home games, hahahahahahaha!
    die slow liverpool.

  8. Mem says:

    Wait long ..long
    ha, ha,ha

  9. bak says:

    once benitez is sacked. liverpool will win the title champions league, lleague cup and fa cup.

  10. Michael Maseruka says:

    Rafa has lost his grab. I wonder when his sacking will come. I’m a kop diehard but i’m fed up.

  11. metafungus says:

    f**k off liverfool

  12. Mem says:

    2 mans team.

  13. coosmmos says:

    can’t rafa change his game plan i love liverpool. please do not make team to be loserpool.

  14. Miocarbon says:

    I doubt liverpool will get any title this season. C’mon rafa…buy new player. You can’t rely on gerrad and torres only

  15. Daniel says:

    they’ll never ever ever……walk alone!!!!!!

  16. khela says:

    i cant believe whats happening to liverpool; i think its time that benitez leaves liverpool.

  17. chachi says:

    bon chance to all club specialy to lion (lyon) have a nice geam

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