Arsenal 6-2 Blackburn Highlights

Arsenal produced a performance of flair and invention to hammer Blackburn.

Watch English Premier League football match, Arsenal Vs Blackburn Highlights.

First Half Highlights

Second Half Highlights

0-1 Nzonzi 4′

1-1 Vermaelen 17′

1-2 Dunn 31′

2-2 Van Persie 33′

3-2 Arshavin 37′

4-2 Fabregas 57′

5-2 Walcott 75′

6-2 Bendtner 89′

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9 Responses

  1. Clearly the schools are closed and the children are out to play.
    I am the one, the only, the original Adolf Lucifer, and only the first post with my name on is actually from me – some puerile Arsenal fan, obviously aware of my much vaunted reputation, has tried (and failed) to big himself and his club up by pretending to be me.
    Let me make a couple of things clear;  Firstly, that Adolf Lucifer – whilst admiring Arsenal’s football – knows that they will win nothing of consequence, as, when it comes down to it, they lack bottle.
    And secondly – you will be able to spot imitators because – like the semi-literate lackwit who has appropriated my name on this page – none of them possess my qualities of erudition and percipience.
    Really, you ought to feel embarrassed that you have so little of consequence to say and are so lacking in self-belief that you have to bolster your own self-image by pretending to be me – but, alas, you just don’t have what it takes, my poor deluded Gooner…

  2. Adolf Lucifer (arsenalfan) says:

    bye bye


  3. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Viera is awesome aswell.

  4. Adolf Lucifer says:

    awesome players we can def win the league.

  5. Excellent result and wonderful football from Arsenal.
    If they only had a bit of steel about them they could actually win things. It seems ironic that with Viera not being able to attend the match along with Henry, the steel was missing from the team both past and present!
    Vermaelen is looking an excellent purchase; If Arsenal start keeping clean sheets he’ll be in my FF team!

  6. denhen says:

    This got to be the GAME OF THE SEASON! The fluency of the passing, the one touch and the finishing! To top it all, Six goals from six different players.

  7. arsenalfan says:

    AAAAAHHH!  They’re amazing!!  Watch Arsenal go top I say.  And Fab is un legend!! 

  8. JKA says:


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