Burnley 1-0 Man Utd Highlights

A crisp volley from Robbie Blake followed by some bustling defence produced a shock win for Burnley over reigning champions Manchester United.

Watch English Premier League match, Burnley Vs Man Utd Highlights Here.



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10 Responses

  1. cfc says:

    nice result to see as a Chelsea fan 🙂

  2. debhen says:

    Man U defenders were six and seven. Couldn’t clear the ball away from the goal mouth. What happened to “Zidane Rooney” and Berbatov as claimed will be better this season.

  3. Use your brain, says:

     didn’t Man U lose a match when ronaldo was around last season?Use your brain.
    Why don’t you just let ronaldo with any other 10 guys to play and win all the titles? then why would real mandrid need to spend so much buy in other players beside CR?
    no team is rubbish without losing sth, it’s rubbish that ppl say all this without using their nut size brain.

  4. venkat says:

    man utd is just rubbish without ronaldo.the title they won was only cos of ronaldo.without him you guyz are just bunch of loosers.

  5. venkat says:

    “man utd stated bad last season but won the EPL so they will bounce back” this is what all man utd fans are telling.but get the facts right you people only bounced back after ronaldo returned so get to reality and know that the title is for Liverpool to take. Long live “THE REDS”.

  6. hooman says:

    f**k u man u basterd team i hate the most s*cks all d tym…….f**k off bitch

  7. Liverpool fan says:

    ooh that was close we lost by 1 goal anyway we returned with 4-0 win

  8. a5 says:

    Come on, united lost. It was a classy goal by Burnley. Get over it.

  9. Oliver Perkins.. MUFC says:

    United shoud’ve won. A definite win if we would’ve come back with the penalty, and then we would’ve won about 3-1/4-1!

    I think all United fans would agree that United let themselves down and unfortunately so did Michael Carrick.

  10. liam.... lfc serporter says:

    oh yeh who love`s burnley now ………….

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