Liverpool 5-0 Aston Villa Highlights

Steven Gerrard scored a hat-trick as Liverpool emphatically beat Aston Villa to close the gap on Premier League leaders Manchester United to one point.

Dirk Kuyt smashed in a shot for the Reds and Albert Riera’s exquisite half-volley put the home side two up.

Gerrard then scored a penalty before passing in a fine free-kick.

Gerrard again converted from the spot for his hat-trick after Villa keeper Brad Friedel was red-carded for a foul on Fernando Torres.

First Half Highlights

4-0 S.Gerrard 50′

5-0 S.Gerrard (Pen) 65′

Second Half Highlights


Aston Villa 0-0 Liverpool

31 August 2008 – Ref: Martin Atkinson


Martin Atkinson (Yorkshire)

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39 Responses

  1. manutd for life says:

    c what happens in the last of  the season…will gerrard lift the title?bullsh*t….all will be lifted by RYAN GIGGS……MANUTD quintiples..for sure

  2. waqi says:

    da best for my lovely team,, hope the 19 championship will be our

  3. bryn says:

    just remember that there was a time when utd went 26 years without a league title so our 19 years is nothing compared to your 26 you clown

  4. Man U says:

    Game on boys now. what ever form you boys are playing at the moment EPL is still ours.  You couldn’t win in 19 yrs so forget about it boys . Boys will be boys keep dreaming while we Man win. Anyways have fun while we clear EPL and CL and may be FA . Cheers boys

  5. bryn says:

    and i have a firm grasp of grammar

  6. davies says:

    and your post has strength? an idiot thats all you are! he  explained facts

  7. red devil says:

    liverpool ****ssssssssssssssssssss

    has no strengh
    is just a lucky boy thinking that he can win the premier

    united united

  8. CFC says:


    very very true and itz such a nice POST!!! withou any f****s and s***s 🙂

    agree with you, though i am a blue fan from INDIA

  9. bryn says:

    the only reason blackburn won the league is, once again, all down to money. they were terrible before jack walkers millions but as soon as that money was put in place they soared up the league. that eventually led to their downfall as, all informed football fans are aware, the famously turned down the chance to sign a young up and coming star named zinedine zidane but such was blackburns desire to has the best players at the time, they eventually plumped for tim sherwood, who at that time was a good player but clearly the point is that blackburn bought the title and didnt use the money they had to look at the bigger picture and invest for the future.

    now….as for man utd….

    yes you have been the best team for the last 15 years and as much as it pains me to say you have been the most consistant team in what has been an up and down season for all of the 20 teams in the league so far.  however there is no such thing as the present when it comes to football and whichever way you want to look at it a clubs reputation and ‘muscle’ all comes from how many trophies they have won not when they were won. the premier league is division 1…fact. we have won division 1 18 times to your 17….fact.  much like the champions league was formerly the european cup, it doesnt matter what you call it we have still won it more times than utd….fact. now if united surpass our league titles record or our european cup record thats when you utd ‘fans’ can start declaring your selves as the greatest english team, but until that day comes please just give it a rest

  10. davies says:

    I think you will find we have won the top level league 18 times just because they have renamed it, doesnt mean we havent won the top league before. We won the the 1st division which is now the priemership. Its just been renamed and structured.  Yes over the last 10 years you have been a great team but in 70’s and 80’s we were too. you cant take that achievement from liverpool just because they now call it the priemership. as for the hatrick scenraio. 3 goals equals hatrick simple. pens or no pens he still has to slot the ball in the back of the net. id like to see you go and take a pen that is worth so much.

    one valid point you have made is the oh we will win it next year comment. every liverpool fans believes this every year thats because we should be getting closer to winning it and under rafa apart from 1st season we have been doing that, and dont forget torres and gerrard have only played 10 times together this year, and everyone says we are a two man team, id say we have 2 match winners and that is them, so it shows we are closer and dont forget man utd fans we threw it away, you didnt storm the league we threw it away as did chelsea.

    as for winnng the prem we had sh*t business nouce and didnt have the money that utd have so when you can go spend 20 million on reserve players we have to cope with 20 million to build a squad up for a season unless we sell.

    to summarise… yes utd have a great team and have been the best team for a long time now and yes liverpool have not won the re badged top division (prem) but we have won the top division and we still hold the record for this, that may go this year but football has changed its not a game anymore its a business and you people who are fans that just watch the telly and listen to puppets on the telly and dont formulate your own opinions need to stop divulging your sh*t onto fans that take the time to think for themselves and not say what andy gray says

  11. Man Utd Fan says:

    And to all liverpool fans let me remind you that despite claiming to be a great team you have not once won an EPL title. Being one of the better team you ought to be ashame of yourself to not win it even once, where we have won it 10 times!! I mean even blackburn have won it at least once. So be humble with your current joyous experience because you do not want to be dissapointed if you did not win it AGAIN.
    And we would have to listen to your ” oh… we will win it next season” crap again..

  12. Man Utd Fan says:

    As a fan of the EPL, i feel that Liverpool do deserved kudos for their great performance for the past two weeks or so, however as we all know from previous seasons, this great performances does not last long. So i wonder if they are going all the way this time, or is it just a short spur of Nitrous oxide which will die off soon after… 

    Even though Man U lose this season which I confidently doubt so, we would have no shame as it will onli be liverpool’s 1st and chelsea’s 3rd EPL title. I mean come on it takes a great team to win 10 titles, (even liverpool fans have to agree to that)

    On a side note: Come Man U you have got to buck up and maintain some form of discipline…3 red card in 2 games. Thats pretty bad.

    Red Devils forever…

  13. Zac says:

    Hat Trick. Two Penalty Goals Should Not Be Counted As A Hat Trick… A Hat Trick Should Be A Hard Feat To Get… Not Given To A Player… Nicely Done Liverpool… But Gerrard? Score A Hat Trick Properly

  14. Anonymous says:

    clap clap

  15. THE REDS says:

    oh yeah…….liverpool back in the game………well…this is the best month ever because  liverpool win with real madrid,manu and aston villa all in this month..hehe…

    ull never walk alone………..

  16. ghost says:

    liverpool get 13 goals in 3 games but sir ferguson get 5 cup in 5 mth…………..

  17. Tim says:

    danny red your a dick you racist – you think your all that, get a life.
    You dont deserve to be a liverpool fan.

  18. momo says:

    reds proved to have a big heart,, with a small budget

    i wonder what Rafa can do with another $ 30-40  mil

    a fit Gerrard + a fit Torres = unbeatable


    momo from Bahrain

  19. Alberto says:

    clap clap

  20. irish scouser says:

    FANTASTIC !!!!! what a two week period  i have had in sport ….. the irish rugby winning the grand slam…. the reds beating real madrid 1-0, 4-0…. beating sunderland 2-0 beating man u 4-1 and beating aston villa 5-0 today….. were gonnan make it 19 championships come on the pool

  21. Vinnie :) says:

    If you hate man utd clap your hands : )

  22. joe kebal and kamal puyol says:

    i am a die hard liverpool fan in bangi, malaysia…its really amazing match for my beloved team , liverpool. i am feeling so so so great when liverpool thrashed their with wonderful scores. whaaattttttt a goal… comeeeee on  liverpool you’ll never walk alone…get rid off Manc Utd……

  23. Ali Zayed says:

    i skip work to watch the boys

  24. Ali Zayed says:

    What can i say, i’m enjoying every moment of this wonderfull Liverpool, i’m from LIBYA and follow them everywhere on TV, i live and die for Liverpool.

  25. Whoop Whoop! says:

    What a game. I got up at 8 am (I’m on the West coast US) to watch this one and what a treat it was. Keep it up Liverpool, this is awesome.

  26. davies86 says:

    antifan your a wanker simple.. everyone thinks im just saying it! vidic a deffo sending off, and i do believe we were 2-1 up at that time anyway so we were winning and you were playing utter gash, we destroyed madrid even babel looked decent. i couldnt watch the game today thanks to work but from what i see both pens were pens and they were good goals! crap goals? aurellio merked van der sar, DOSSENA merked van der sar, torres merked ‘the best defender in the world’ , gerrard’s goal against madrid was utter class a great finish, torres goal was awesoem too, riera’s goal today was class so crap goals, dodgy decisions your just plain wrong, you have been listening to the media too much and your manager too much and it seems you are in capable of formulating a non biased, not cuntish view.

  27. SCOUSEintheHOUSE says:

    Antifan what a stupid comment, we are talking about the whole game here not just penalties. The reason we got penalties was because we created goal scoring chances, although Brad Friedel was unlucky to be sent off I admit, the fact is the football match was a good one and the team played well and created the chances, Goals were crap… you know how hard it is to control a volley in that situation, or hit a side foot into the bottom corner with power from 25 yards. Proberly not coz your proberly a crap player yourself who nobody wants on their side. Thats what real crap is….

  28. danny red says:

    when isaid cockneys i meant pakistanis scandinavian iranians indiands chineese and yanks

  29. danny red says:

    antifan defo a manc u had more luck in the last 10 years than russell brand horn and corden kt brand franky boyle ant and dec and chris moyles and  none of thm are funny either

  30. danny red says:

    some credit is deserved for the last 14 days even utd fans know that if there not big enough to admit that then they arnt football fans probly cockney idiots who never been to game

  31. jpm says:

    I meant to say July/August
     i.e.  when the Barry deal fell through and it became clear that Alonso would stay.

  32. jpm says:

    How sweet it is!

    Whatever happened in January, I am just thankful that Alonso is still playing in red.

  33. Anonymous says:

    puh… show me which team can score 13 in 3 match running with juz luck.
    go home lil boy and enjoy all the goals.

    ull never walk alone…

  34. airdykopite says:

    4+4+5=13 goals in 3 games, get in there

  35. antifan says:

    almost every goal was crap… the last 3 games liverpool has had luck on there side. nothing more.
    red cards and penalty kicks, ref decisions are whats making them win.

  36. Krishna Rau says:

    Liverpool are showing their real players talent at the moment . Keep it up guys . Great team work .

  37. SCOUSEintheHOUSE says:

    Gerrard maybe got 3 but Alonso made 2, his passing was bad at times but when he makes a pass he really makes a crazy pass……5-0 is a nice way to enjoy Sunday afternoon. Liverpool F.C Forever.

  38. SCOUSEintheHOUSE says:

    Same here mate!!!!! Unlucky for poor Brad though……kinda took the icing off a bit. Villa played well for 25 mins, but it was our day.

  39. liverpoolfan says:

    best 15 days of my life….

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