Liverpool 2-2 Birmingham Highlights

A controversial penalty by Steven Gerrard salvages a draw for Liverpool as their faltering season continues against Birmingham at Anfield.

Watch English Premier League football match, Liverpool Vs Birmingham Highlights here.

Highlights – Full


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15 Responses

  1. matigol says:

    Aww Man: “liverpool shuda never given away Xabi and Aureillo”? Last time I looked Fabio Aurelio was a Liverpool player. In what way did anyone “give him away”? Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, Liverpool bought Robbie Keane last season and he only lasted half a year. Check your basic facts before publishing crap.

  2. LMAO says:

    Ngog, you are brilliant(!). Thats the way to earn a draw. Keep up the good work, otherwise even Europa spot will be far from anything achievable. 😀

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Aww Man says:

    aww man … f**k
    liverpool shuda never given away Xabi and Aureillo
    freking Rafa Benetez is a freakin d#ckhead … instead of buying Keane.. he bought some shit ass players …
    Liverpool rocked the EPL last season, now im thinking tht 2nd position they got at the end of the season was a big ass fluke

  5. manu best liverpool sucks says:

    ih liverpool was so good but now they are losers yes haha liverpool u suckerssssssssss especially fucking gerrard go and **** liverpool

  6. Poin to the idiot says:

    Type properly u nob head

  7. Zlatan9 says:

    n’gog you diving scum, you discrace the name of football

  8. red-the-head85 says:

    19 years and counting……………………………………….

  9. Anonymous says:

    scumpool diving to draw. what a disgrace

  10. “…Notorious DIVE by N’Gog”!  Aaaaargh! I want an edit facility!
    I’m just filling this page with corrections!

  11. fuhh.. says:

    its all over for liverpool..hahaha..

  12. BTW, I don’t see Liverppol’s equaliser here – I was looking forward to seeing that notorious dice by N’Gog.
    Stunning goal from Jerome to put Brum in the lead though…
    ‘Bye ‘bye Rafa…

  13. Addamdum“?!  That should of course, read “Addendum“…
    About time we had an “edit” facility…

  14. Addamdum: That should of course, read “£20m” rather than “£20”.
    Although £20 is about what Aquilani has been worth thus far…

  15. Oh dear. And the Liverpool supporters were all so-o-o excited at the start of the season, claiming that they’d just had their best PL season yet, and they would push on this year… only this year they have lost Alonso, and instead of  buying a much needed striker (Voronin – Ha!) they paid £20 for a crock to sit on the sidelines as their season goes down the pan. And of course they could never hope to be as fortunate as they were last season in the PL, when they played over a quarter of their matches against fewer than eleven men,
    The problem is of course, that they still have the same manager! In Rafa We Trust!
    Liverpool are beginning to look like a mediocre PL team, the sort who can only fire themselves into action when Manchester United come to town!
    At this rate they’ll have a hard time trying to make the top four to ensure qualification for Europe next season.

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