Liverpool 2-0 Man Utd Highlights

Liverpool deservedly defeated rivals Manchester United to end a run of four straight defeats and ease the pressure on manager Rafa Benitez.

Watch English Premier League football match, Liverpool Vs Manchester United Highlights.

1-0 Torres 54′

2-0 N’Gog 90’+5

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30 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    if i was torres i will score against sunderland


  2. anonymous says:

    why could liverpool not beat sunderland.

  3. anonymous says:

    liverpool is happy to have torres in their team because he is a great player

  4. LIverpool says:

    Liverpool can win man utd, yet they lose to sunderland. Who feels that liverpool should not sell xabi?:

  5. otmane says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Man u ar nt just d team dey used 2 b dey ar nt payin at deir peak yet dey ned a world clas ambimtious prolific goal scorer its tyme fergusun spends sum real cash,bt hopefuly dey wil alwaz b bak we ave a perfect blent of youht nd experienceliverful deserve 2 win

  7. CC says:

    After 4 defeats in a row, what a way to come back, beating man u 2-0, what more can you ask, after all its man united, as i said what more can you ask…… come on Liverpool keep it up, the season’s not over yet………..

  8. torres!!! torres!!! TORRES !!! says:

    this is jus awesome ..
    torres is back and Liverpool wins the match and rapes Man U.
    this is why Fernando Torres is the best player in the world ..

    Golden Boot to Fernando Torres !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Along LFC says:

    You’ll Never Walk Alone…………………Liverpool Are Magic………….
    The KOP We Trust Forever………….

  10. Lfc fan says:

    we are superheroes

  11. Lfc fan says:

    ooh we are back on winning pats.battles are lost in between but war is not yet lost

  12. reds army says:


  13. Miocarbon says:

    I hope this is a turning point for liverpool to be back in form. YNWA…!!!

  14. Jude Kunil says:

    this will be the start of the Liverpool revival, watch out!

  15. Anonymous says:

    good man utd

  16. Anonymous says:

    Carragher should be red carded !!!

  17. morgan says:

    Take that Manure! Liverpool will always be fueled by the Anfield spirit!

  18. melkam says:

    Good Job Liverpool!
    I alwayes need to bit Man.Untd than any other clubs.
    This is Hanfield!

  19. Chelsea says:

    on the contrary to wat the commentator said, i  think liversh*t is still pretty dead

  20. Anonymous says:

    today liverpool was better, but- manchester united the best 4ever!!!!
    live man united!!!

  21. Petar says:

    It was a foul for Manutd on 2 Liverpool’s goal

  22. Anonymous says:

    fly fly fly liverpool….we know we can do it as long as we have fernando torres.. burst to manchester…..

  23. Anonymous says:

    fly fly fly liverpool…we know we can do it as long

  24. SCOUSEintheHOUSE says:

    Don’t hate yourself Alex Ferguson………… can play kiss chase with all your players.

  25. Sir Alex Ferguson says:

    Liverpool outplayed us, Rafa out thought me all over the pitch.  I hate myself.

  26. wira indonesia says:

    torres torres torres torres !!! … kick manc ass cause you’re the best …!!!

  27. SCOUSEintheHOUSE says:

    To be honest it was a great match and overall Liverpool deserved to win,  Torres completely and utterly pawned Ferdinand, he totally bum raped him and was like “did you like it”  Overall Liverpool played well today and Man U really did not have much of a game as they were outplayed. To be honest sometimes you need the rub of the green and recently we have not had much luck but today the credit goes to the team, it makes you proud to be a Liverpool fan when you see a team play with determination and grit and most of all honour. Well done Liverpool a well desrved win.

  28. wira indonesia says:

    walk on walk on … with hope in your heart … and you’ll never walk alone …. you’ll never walk alone !!!!

  29. amr_anfield says:

    this is liverpool this is the anfield spirit , go liver goooooooo

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