Man Utd 3-2 Aston Villa Highlights

Venue: Old Trafford

Date: Sunday, 5 April

First Half Highlights

1-2 G.Agbonlahor 58′

Second Half Highlights

Highlights – High Res.

Last Season’s Corresponding Match

Manchester United 4-0 Aston Villa

29 March 2008 – Ref: Mark Halsey

Man Utd scorers: Ronaldo 17, Tevez 33, Rooney 53, 70

This Season’s Rever Fixture

Aston Villa 0-0 Manchester United

22 November 2008 – Ref: Chris Foy


Mike Riley (Leeds, Yorkshire)

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78 Responses

  1. bikram shrestha says:

    f**k all the clubs its manu who r going to be chams

  2. kabiru says:

    i luv u macheda 4 dat great goal u scored. kip it up man, u’re d bomb.

  3. Gareth says:

    What an absolutely fantastic, intelligent, intellectual comments:

    “Man Utd s*cks of sh*t”

    That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You are clearly a complete and utter idiot who is not qualified to comment on anything. If you have something that ridiculous to say, then save us all the time and effort (although not the hilarity) and don’t even speak.

  4. cr7 says:

    liverpool = liverpoor = liverfool                 

  5. Federico Macheda says:


    Man is the best Team in  the world;

    Best player of the world;

    Best player of the Europer

    What do you say you kurwo

  6. TAREK says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    man utd s*cks of sh*t

  8. Gareth says:

    I was actually at the game on Sunday and the 5 minutes of added time were completely justified!

    Villa spent the majority of the second half time wasting and taking an age every time the ball went out of play. Utd players protested and Riley kept pointing to his watch implying he was adding the time on at the end which he did…………hardly a fix.

    My honest opinion is that Utd were lucky to get the win, Villa played very well and at 2-1 down I couldn’t see where a goal was going to come from. However, as soon as Ronaldo equalised out of nothing, the feeling within the ground was definitely that United would win it and at the final whistle, the feeling was that those 15 minutes could well turn out to be season defining.

    As a closing comment, I didn’t quite realise at the time (since I was sitting towards the other end of the stadium) how fantastic Macheda’s goal was, the turn was ridiculous!!

    There’s still alot of hard work to do but fingers crossed that this result will be the turning point, we can only improve as we get players back to fitness and back from suspension.



  10. reddevil88 says:

    ur just a bunch of jealous ****s (to all liverfail fans tht is)….coz the FACT is: it took u 3 matches to overtake us on the table but it only took us 1 to get it back…yeah u mite have beaten us 4-1 at home but hey if u even consider urselves as the best, answer me this: y cant u even beat stoke city at home and away ? oh wait i can answer tht: liverfail can only beat teams that play badly against them.

    United til i die !

  11. MU- for title says:

    cant wait for the last game and man u vs liverpool in rome, man u allllllll the wayyyyyyy

  12. Federico Macheda says:

    Hiii 🙂

    Man UTD will win all the remaining Titles;

    Champions League;….We will beat liverfool at rome
    Fapremierleague;……..only 8 matches remain
    Fa Cup…. On the way
    Curling …..Already
    world champion…..Arleady

  13. ROONEY 10 says:

    @ mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuu rule :
    “It’s past your bedtime ”  ?!
    Son , that’s pathetic …  you’ve really got to work on your comeback

  14. john smith says:

    cheating scum always were and always will be. bwfc

  15. Anonymous says:

    looks like villa deserved to win imo

  16. Man U says:

    What the heck Liverpool fan did you forget that your goal came on added time against Fulham? So stop waning about it. As leave or pull said being 2nd is actully not a bad one in 8yrs. Just look back few years your teams were miles apart from the top 2 or even 3. As I said many many times and I am sure that if I even tell my dog he understands that Liverpool have not won EPL and they won’t this season. Just wait and see while we win the titles both EPL and Champions leauge and may be FA cup too with young boys but again FA cup is not we are after its the EPL and Champions leauge. Liverpoor wait until Wednesday when Chelsea will crush you all.

  17. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Come on people, let’s not start bickering like little children – the truth is, Manchester United are Champions of England, Champions of Europe & Champions of the World; they have the World & European Player Of The Year, and are top of the Premiership with a game in hand,  two trophies this season already in the cabinet, and in the latter stages of the FA Cup & Champion’s League.
    Clearly, Manchester United are the best team in the country… remind me what exactly LiverpO-Ol have won this season…
    Despite playing well in much of the game, Villa did not merit the 3 points – they shut up shop, brought on Reo-Coker to help hold what they had, and so got their just deserts as United’s attacking attitude succeeded.
    And fot the last time; 5 minutes was not excessive – it was possibly even too little… time must be added on for every substitution, every goal scored,  for bookings, for the injuries to Agbonlahoor and the Villa Central defender who required treatment on the pitch, and for Villa’s blatant timewasting.
    In fact Villa fans should have been glad of the added time & United fans unhappy; having scored so early into stoppage time, Villa had more time to score themselves – Anyway, when all is said and done United are back on track & heading for success, so just deal with it all you ABU’s!

  18. ginner says:

    three words mr macheda take a bow lol take a bow lol  liverpool ***k off

  19. ichseka says:

    sir alex give macheda more time in first team squad, to build his character i manutd squad, and for lazio too bad you lost the wonderful player…. manutd will always about young player and new challenge…………..answer me liverpool fans………

  20. manutd07 says:

    ***k liverpool you can get as close as you want… your not going to get it… we’ll tell you how it feels to actually win a title… seems like liverpool’s forgotten how that feels

  21. ichseka says:

    ***k you all liverpool fans………….no team in this world that never lost………you have to admit that man utd is world no#1 team………no doubt abt that…….forget the old time of liverpool…………..

  22. Liverpool fan says:

    ***k off Man-U fans.
    Atleast Liverpool has stop conceding goals now.
    And they were not behind and that one bastard MACHEDA also score in the injury time.

  23. Liverpool fan says:

    Remember MAN-U fans that who beat you twice this year and handed over the worst defeat of the season at their home.
    If you have forget the scoreline, i  would try to kee you remember that it was
    Liverpool [4]-[1] Manchester United.
    Now say who is the best

  24. ichseka says:

    glory—–glory————-man utd   hope Kiko Macheda will getting better all the time     man utd the best team ever—————————

  25. คนเชลซี says:


  26. MU 4EVER says:

    yeah right.. since u r saying us.. why now u saying liverfools played like shiet and suddenly just score in the last minute by Benayouin.

  27. arrowchamber says:

    we’ r the champions of  the world…hehehe…
    2 in the cabinet 3 to come…hahaha
    MU the best club…no doubt abt it………..

  28. o says:


  29. artily says:

    Booo!  I like Liverpool

  30. Gooner4life says:

    wtf u sed we beat man utd wıv no torres and gerrard ?? :S
    ı take ıt u dıdnt watch the match lol coz they were both playın u ıdıot n they both were on the score sheet :S lol (what a tossa) :S

  31. Anonymous says:

    We beat Manuntd with no torres or gerrard da first time

    4~1 haha ur defence must be sh*t u let Dossena score
    sick goal do

  32. Anonymous says:

    Gay scums United are so sh*t u couldnt believe

    Come on 

    Liverpool are gonna win the title esy

    Got a bit excited bout his goal didnt he (1 goal that is all he is watch)

  33. Anonymous says:

    man utd is the 1st word a future baby gonna say

  34. man u is very dumb says:

    man u will lose the cup

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. die hard man u fan... says:

    man u the best team in d world… u will create history by winning all 5 prestigious cups this season….

  37. Man Utd says:

    and you cant say it was because of the  5 mins we scored the winner coz we got it in the 93rd minute

  38. Man Utd says:

    lol that would be right wouldnt it liverpool fans if manchester united win you cant seem to admit it if we win it must be fixed or it must be rigged you guys are just cowards

  39. Anonymous says:

    Man u deserved the win.. u must have been watching a differnt game
    Villa were robbed…great goal at the end though

  40. Man utd fanssss says:

    Liverpool s*cks! Liverpools s*cks! It’s is now manutd rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. MU- for title says:

    YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS man u ahead, liverpool dont got chance against the chapions of europe, 68 points and a game in hand, next game probably chelsea and liverpool going to loose while man u wins and arsenal wins as well cuz i can see arsenal coming back up, so chelsea and liverpool dont bother trying to get the title cuz u never will

  42. Gooners view says:

    ROONEY 10 Says: As a result of all the injuries & suspensions .. we have been forced 2 play this match without our five top players (apart from Ronaldo ofcourse) : Vidic , Ferdinand , Scholes , Berbatov & Rooney were all missing .

    ha ha ha thats funny because as I recall arsenal’s squad had a similar thing happen to them, but not for one match, but rather one and a half seasons…

    now imagine what it would be like if those 5 were out for an extended period of time… do you feel that the squad would be the same? of course not!!

    If Ronaldo wasn’t playing I really do think that man utd would not have won this match, as man utd played very mediocrely, but what these injuries and suspensios do allow, is for the youngsters and for the other not yet superstar players to step up to the plate and give it their all. This is great as it allows the young players like Macheda to create a name for themselves in the big time.

  43. Anees Dagman says:

    UTD UTD UTD!!  did u see da italiano boy he is on fire!  for me looks like a new totti! nd a nother united legand!!  liverFOOLS  juss keep hoping init! nd by da way we scored som sick goals nd beat villa widout most of our best players!! wud of been different like 6-0!  its ours again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. shamim says:

    rockin ………….man U

  45. LeaveOrPull Fan? says:

    when was the last time we beat united in the point table? wasn’t that in 2001-02 seasons. Dammit. Arsenal won in that season in the end.

    At least i am happy because LeaveOrPull actually going to be runners-up in the premiere league after 7 years again.

    hopefully we can maintain this record, being runners-up at least once in every 8 years.

  46. Roshan KC says:

    Man u is definetlly goin to win the title no doubt And also the UEFA Champions league in rome pray for MAn u all MAn u FAn

  47. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rule says:


  48. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rule says:


  49. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rule says:


  50. ROONEY 10 says:

    listen up all you jealous  liverpool and chelsea fans :

    As a result of all the injuries & suspensions .. we have been forced 2 play this match without our five top players (apart from Ronaldo ofcourse) : Vidic , Ferdinand , Scholes , Berbatov & Rooney were all missing . Also, our two Center Backs were Evans who is a 21 year old youngster who has no experience , and Neville who is a natural Right back not center back and has just returned from a  2- month injury.. Despite all that , we still managed 2 get the win. 

    And that’s what Champions mentality means : being able to win under any conditions . ManU have that mentality wher liverpool don’t .. and the evidence is clear : liverpool are nothing but history , their 18 titles were back in the old days before the EPL was even created .. on the other hand United have won various titles in the past and present not to mention that we are the defending champs and sitting on top of the table a point ahead with a game in hand and that we are just one tiltle away from equalling liverpool’s record of 18 titles.

    So shut up all you losers and stop complaining about the 5  injury time mins. We never complained when liverpool beat us at old trafford .. so do us a favour and put your money where your mouths are.

  51. MACHEADA says:


  52. LFC says:

    Villa deserved atleast a draw..

    Anyway it was a nice match except for Liverpool and Chelsea fans… 🙂

  53. Adolf Lucifer says:

    …besides which, the goal was scored in the 3rd min of injury time, so there is no issue… except from distraught scousers who are looking for any excuse…

  54. Adolf Lucifer says:

    What a result! What a comeback!

    I had a good feeling when Kiko Macheda came off the bench, he is a class act who has been far too good for the reserves – he scored a great hat-trick v Newcastle reserves midweek – and he showed all the positive attitude you’d expect from the star of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reserve team… have we found our new OGS?

    Personally I think Macheda is a better prospect then Wellbeck or campbell, and this will no his confidence no end of good.

    It must have made the Scousers sick… speaking of which:

    Liverpool FC Said:”5 mins added time??? where the hell did it come from?”

    Well for a start there’s 30 seconds for every substitution, time added for when the game was stopped for Villa “injuries”, and of course time for the shameful time-wasting tactics from Villa.

  55. Passerby says:

    why bother argue-ing bout it, liverpool gonna lose anyway =)

  56. fan man u says:

    liverpool you just history…if we talk bout now man u is the biggest club in the world!!!

  57. Manutd4ever says:

    Fookin awesome win !!! Champions show why they are champs of England, Europe and the World!!!!! Go United go !!!Loserfools stop whining u have never won premiership and never will……losers now and losers forever !!!!!!!!

  58. Dam says:

    cheeerrssss………….Manu won again…  they deserve this won as they played without their key players….. Ronaldo was awsome….. Manu are aagain on the top of EPL table… i  am sure that my MANU will won the title this year again……………………
    thats MANU for all of u…………….  beware … we r the champions………..
    thanks for showing the highlights……………….
    enjoy manu win with chilled beer…………… cheeerssssssssssssssssssssss
    DAM .. always MANUUUUUU

  59. teddy says:

    okay man u back to the track…
    and next game…don’t ask again  man u will beat them all

  60. Man says:

    The goal came in the second minute you idiot

  61. Man U says:

    oops we won

  62. Liverpool FC says:

    Justin, 4 pts???  hahaha.. that is IF you win!  Unless, the result is already ‘fixed’ in advanced… LOL  Just like today’s 5 mins added time??? where the hell did it come from???

  63. ManUtd FAN says:

    I”m a greatest fan of ManUtd, i was praying they beat Aston Villa and ***k Liverpool again and get the lead and they did…..   GREAT GREAT GREAT ManUtd.  Thanks you all you guys for your hard efforts, specially C.Ronaldo, Macheda, ..

  64. Justin says:

    r u on crack? did u even watch the game? ferguson’s tactical ability is unbelievable
    liverpool aint got a chance altho rafa did welll putting babel n yossi at the right tym.. but still we’re bak on top with a game in hand, thats 4 pts my friend 🙂

  65. julio says:

    im gona need dem highlights

  66. Liverpool FC says:

    hey scums.. Do n0t forget! ManUres waited 26 years to win the league title since the old days!  We’ve only waited less than 19 years.. This could still be our season! Let’s just wait and see who’ll be the Champions in May..

  67. Justin says:

    Federico Macheda people! remember his name!

  68. Stupid liverpool says:

    All the idiot liverpool fans,did you see man utd beat villa?We still remain the top and we are going to win the league.

  69. Akshay says:

    put up de highlights quickly…It was a Great match says my friend…

  70. Twin says:

    video isnt updated tho, wanna see at least the highlights

  71. deon says:

    oh finally someone changed the scoreline to the correct one.

  72. Anonymous says:

    that was from elliot peacvhet]

  73. Anonymous says:

    hah united won u wankers

  74. Anonymous says:

    man utd is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Man U says:

    Its 1-0 now and its only 12 minutes

  76. Man U says:

    You wish LFC you staying on top will just end within 22 hours. hey don’t forget that we still have a game on hand even after todays game. You couldn’t do it in 19 yrs so won’t be season. You might have 62 players mostly ready made once but title will never your. All your 19  titles came in old days those days are gone.

  77. LFC says:

    Villa.. Plz do it… just 0-1 is enough… so we can stay on top!!!

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