Man Utd 4-3 Man City Highlights

Michael Owen’s winner deep into stoppage time gave Manchester United a dramatic victory in a classic derby encounter at Old Trafford.

Watch English Premier League football match, Man Utd Vs Man City Highlights.


1-0 Rooney 2′ | 1-1 G. Barry 16′ | 2-1 Fletcher 49′ | 2-2 Bellamy 52′ | 3-2 Fletcher 81′ | 3-3 Bellamy 90′ | 4-3 Owen 90’+6

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76 Responses

  1. man city fan says:

    great game i thought man city would have won but when owen got his 96th minute goal i was in shame!

  2. liverpool fc says:

    again man u have 2  get help  fron  a  stinking  wankin  ref  4 mins  not  5min  and  26 sec  all  who  say  this  is  fair  are a  bunch  of wankers that’s  Y i  hate  man  pu so damm  much  win fair  not cheat  an  pay  refs  k  laters !!!!!

  3. Red Devil says:

    What the heck are you people moaning about heh? Ok there was 4 mins added and Owen scored in 95 mins didn’t you all forget that Carrick came in at 90+ mins and time Bellamy took to celeberate his goal ? Come on kids grow up this is football. Now shall we focus on next game other then keeping moaning about the same old time keeping . Stoke next see you there ………………

  4. Anonymous says:

    it wasnt 6 minutes in which only utd could play. city had just as much time to score the winner as united did, they just lacked the class/motivation.
    and @ Man United Brilliant – what kind of footy fan switches from city to utd?

  5. Man United Brilliant says:


  6. Man United Brilliant says:

    And if the refs arent fair give them a YELLOW CARD LOL that will tach em lol!!!

  7. Man United Brilliant says:

    I still think it was unfair on city u see i used to support city then i went to united so i still like city to win as much as possible except when they play united refs need to be fair maybe the F.A needs to look into it but a goal is a goal so u cant change that they just need to make the refs be fair

  8. city says:

    wow what a game. given kept city in it but the D couldnt hold the whole game
    to bad


    its easily said then done,to all u people who hate manutd HARD LUCK.the fact remains we won n as our identity tels u foools “UNITED WE STAND”WE MANUTD FANS WILL ALWAYS BE UNITED n thats what makes as the best frm the rest.In football anythin is bound to hapen til the last min,as they say football is a mre insparatoinal game then u can think,n see only non man u fans talk irrational.If u think ur so cald teams r the best cum on show as wat u got,we r ever ready.if we loose wil lose as a team{united)if we win we win as ateam so grow up n stop sulkin bout it.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Man United brilliant says:

    I think it was really unfair on Man City losing like that after they played a brilliant game but a goal is a goal u cant change thast so stop moaning and get on with your lifes

  12. Anonymous says:

    city is……….. man …….indeed and it will never stoop for any reason and for anything as they have got a formidable squad to climb up the table and break through the top four dominance and come on!!!!!! city you can be top four

  13. man city says:

    by new arrivals man city will win next derby and still have the chance to be champions

  14. ronaldo says says:

    no utd no city and no barclays league la liga is the best and wait to see real madrid king of europe in santiago bernabeu 2010

  15. red devils are homos says:

    Man U with another lucky win…f**ken faggs
    should have ended in a tie.

  16. salford red says:

    the added time was because city scored on the 90 min mark therefore the ref has to add extra seconds for that, then we made a sub which always means 3o sec regardless of who u are which is why the added time was given, y do city fans not understand this watch match of the day and they even time it , if city had of scored it would of been different, chelsea liverpool do it all the time an no complaint is made bout them, stop moan and admit defeat!!!!!!

  17. makonjai says:

    i used to think that Gillette razor shaves clean. man! Man U shaves the rest even cleaner! my advice for you parents (fanatics) is that you keep them safely away from your children (other FA teams and more so arsenal)

  18. man city better than sh*tty reds says:

    man united are just cheaters the only bloody place where put up 4 added mins and play bloody 6 if owen hadnt of scored we wouldd of been playing all f**king afternoon so man u and every refs and dirty cheats

  19. Manutd says:

    Stop moaning sour loser. What if MC score.

  20. DUFC says:

    I DON’T support either Manchester team I mean

  21. DUFC says:

    lol @ all these bitter comments from Man City fans. for the record I support either Manchester team, or indeed any English team, so as a complete neutral the amount of added time at the end was justified, if you saw MOTD2 you would see that Owen scored 1 second after the whistle should have blown, blame Craig Bellamy’s celebration for an extra minute or so of time

  22. vishal bhakta says:

    Thanks for the vedio!!!

  23. Roshan KC says:

    once again  Red Devils proved that they are the best

  24. united till i die says:

    City stop f***in moaning you bunch 0f bitches, dont think you can come to old trafford wit all your money and turn united over omg learn to play football and stop blaming other people for your own mistakes, learn the basics 1st and play to the final whistle lol wot a bunch of mu**ets

  25. i hate manure says:

    it could’ve only been at old trafford…ferguson can jus ask for an extra min or 2 and hes got it…but thats what u get from manure, cheating lucky cunts

  26. MAN UTD 4 EVER says:

    gotta admit we cheated badly their… ferguson was obviously doing a bit of pre-match fixing

  27. liverpool 19 says:

    nicely said Burnley fan, hopefully old trafford will get bombed, cuz im sure most ppl would want this, it would be for the good of the game…GETTING RID OF CHEATING NOBODYS

  28. man u r the most scummy cunts in the world says:

    gotta say that uppercut from Bellamy was pretty impressive…nothin wrong with giving a man ush*ted fan a bit of physical abuse, due to them having only dirty loud mouths!

  29. man u r the most scummy cunts in the world says:

    f**k u manu, spot on
    btw, why were they booin’ tevez? wasnt he the player that all man u “fans” loved?? oh yeah, manure fans cant appreciate aa player who plays well and then leaves, most man ush*ted fans dont even like ronaldo (well, no one in england likes him). what u all gonna say next when ryan giggs retires? u all gonna say “that f**kin scum piece of sh*t retired” dont worry, u still got the arguably the worst cm in the league in fletcher, he scored yesterday only because man city use liverpools sh*t zonal marking tactic.
    good luck for the rest of the season scummy cunts, hope chelsea and liverpool f**kin kill you

  30. Jayant says:

    Manchester Utd = A team built by grooming young talented players into top professionals who have won games for us all the time.
    Manchester City = A team just gathered by money.

  31. Karl says:

    old story 11 against 12 if its not a penalty, this time the extra time has done the trick

  32. KEERAN says:


    wait til chelsea play em … it’ll be a bloodshed we’ll win by 3…5-0 bet ya house on it lol …. Drogba will show destroy em cos when we played everton and arsenal last year Lescott and Toure sh*t em selves drogba got by em every time he got the ball so hell f**k em up when we get ther

  33. united says:

    hahaha the league is comin bk home to united….what a game but fare play man city did play good but you dont get no points for second best…like we did arsenal….totenham….man city nd chelsea to go no other team go no chance against the mighty reds

  34. bellamyadecowards says:

    f**kin cowards one kicks a guy when on the deck, the other prick slaps a bloke only once the stewards grab him (hard men them city boys)

  35. burnley fan says:

    Listen to all these united fans goin on about, its ok that the ref played all this added time cuz we won…we won…we will for ever be the greatest…i will always love united cuz there the greatest…GLORY HUNTERS…man city have much better fans than man u…when united were drawing all I could here were city chants…when united were winning all I could here is mongs going…united, united. I didnt used to have aproblem with united.especially after you let us win.but how long can this corrupt fa get way with being biased towards this team.I hope that you go into administartion, or your all killed or something

  36. Anonymous says:

    ohhhh phewwwwww !!! mistake by ferdinand just let us to share points with r biggest rivals city……but after all UTD r the best & they came back by OWEN goals ..OWEN ,many said wht is ferguson doing with owen in his team but he proved himself &  made every one wrong ….RON might have said why i was not there ……….

  37. lfc fan says:

    result shows that man u what are you argue for?just shut up..

  38. man u all the way! says:

    Have you ever won a treble? Have you F**k!

    Well said…

  39. abenet says:

    for those who tought us will never win ga,e with out CR. now we prove it…. MAN U FOR LIFe

  40. Dinkineh says:

    Great ManUtd! I was sweating during the second half as if in the pitch playing for the reason I couldn’t realize yet. One anti-manUtd was beside me which I realized him only when Owen scored the winner shouting “Owen is offside!” It was too tense ManUtd pressing harsh on city gate. Defenders were with loose concentration during the first half especially when the ball was back-played to Ben F.  Let the rivals and enemies mouth be closed. ManUtd players, you are all fantastic and making mistakes is only when you are doing. Learn from the past. Keep the crown home!!!!!!!

  41. Have you ever won a treble? Have you F**k! says:

    all you people need to stop moaning about the amount of added time…when the board goes up its a MINIMUM of 4 minutes (some people are getting this confused with maximum…i recommend you use the oxford dictionary to understand the difference between these words.  You might also want to look up the following words… bitter, loser and cunt  and see what sentence you can come up with to describe yourselves) 
    Had United got an equaliser in the 90th min, we would have been camped in the oppositions box for the rest of the game instead city were trying to hang on for dear life…this is why we win the league time and time again, it something you will have to learn how to do if you want to win the title .

    11 league titles since the prem began…luck??? you deluded bastards!!!

  42. f**k u manu says:

    man utd should be relegated to de lowest league  bcoz they don deserve to be in the prem league… spanish are so proud of  barcelona n real madrid bcoz they are a true champions n they win fairly but luk at de english champions haha such a shame… but no worries liver pool n chelsea are still there n this time chlesea will make you feel blue……..

  43. f**k u manu says:

    f**king lucky manu…. man city were totally robbed… last season also they bribed  ref to win prem league n this time also arsenal and man city are already their victim.. they didn’t deserve to win game against man city and arsenal with out a doubt,,, man utd are a sh*t team with sh*t fans.. tevez did such a wonderful job for them helping them to win so many title but wanker alex fergusion kept him in a shadow n sold him n yesterday he was rewarded with a boo from utd fans haha wat a shame on u man utd… live with this shame n curse mother fu**ers..  keep on playin ur naughty games n keep on bribing de ref n do watever u can do with all ur power but this time Chelsea will crush u down with out a mercy… u guys are not a red army but infact u guys are a coward army playing a dirty game n destryoing the beauty of a football… chelsea rules n we will make you blue mother fu**ers…

  44. cfc says:

    What a brilliant game of football derby was.
    Very impressed with the performance Giggs put in.
    Congrats Man Utd… But see we are still on top of the table B-)

  45. darcogoal says:

    I am sure this goal of OWEN hurt lots of people; but besides that you cannot blame the refs all the time about our wins!
    After all can anyone who saw the game claim that the result was unfair? Didn’t the best ream win?
    we are the best team in the island the last 20 years!

  46. Hughsie says:

    I knew this game would fire everyone up who isn’t a United supporter 🙂 Love It!!
    Listen, everyone’s saying ‘lucky United’, ‘City were robbed’, etc. but look at the facts –
    City came back through poor defending and schoolboy errors from the Reds gifting goals to them.
    SAF has the foresight to bring Carrick on in the 91st minute, forcing at least 30 seconds onto extra time, which was 4 minutes *MINIMUM* by the way.
    Regardless of the timing from the Ref. as has been said before, play to the whistle! I didn’t see the City players standing still when 4 minutes had elapsed. They had as much time as United to score the winner.

    Sure, it’s gonna hurt losing a game like that, but deal with it, get over it and move on.

    Oh, and one last comment…COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!

  47. MAN Ufrom Loikaw says:


  48. alfricks says:

    when man united win,then they have bribed the referee or they were just lucky.i’m telling arsenal fans that football is about luckiness and capitalisation on blunders.if the goal keeper works and the defenders and God knows who works 100% where will goals come from?you cannot wake up knowing exactly what the goals you score will look like.please ass anal fans eh?leave man u alone and do your are quick to comment on man u and keep on following it like flies do on sh*t.your trophy is not man the way… you know you have gone 5 years with no trophy?

  49. alfricks says:

    in manchester united,we do not go for goals.we go for wins.score the way you like but before the final whistle the win will be ours.we can bet on that one.

  50. Anti MAnu says:

    If City lost, We won’t blame for the ref already Cunts. Lucky MANU. Just LUCKY

  51. m4n utd says:

    yeah, 6 min  was enough to destroy a small team high flying with few rare stupid wins 😛 dont blame for referee and time for loss of man city.wat if man city had loss??? would you ever say the time added and played was more then enough????mancity.. they played well but still they deserved to be hammered 4-3 by red devils. red devils cut off thier high flying wings. lol.
    glory man utd.

  52. aaron says:

    man city were robed by th ref  lucky man u

  53. ANTI MANU says:

    F@@KIng Man U>Always rely on the fking REF. Without the SO +REF, They are just a stardard CUNts. f@@k OFF!!!!

  54. united united says:

    F**k ben foster, we can score 4 goals, who need ronaldo, who need tevez? was he on the score board?

  55. arv2709 says:

    There’s only one Manchester and that’s United!!!!!!!!!!!!! GGMU!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. outielaw says:

    lukaz sayz:
    Man city are f**kn cowards how dare you relax in de last momentz, so u’d better be wise coz united are capable of destroying your millionz. And as for Tevez, i do lyk ur playin style bt u made a stupid bluder goin for million nw it will take you ages to play in the championz league.

  57. arunraj arsenal says:

    they have bribed the referee, this happens before in emirates stadium 2-1 for arsenal……….
    6minutes of added time……………

  58. Giggs says:

    Im a Manchester United fan and i also think that the referee was unfair against manchester city. But i think that what he’s trying to do is let either both sides score one goal so it would be settled, rather than leaving the score hanging in a tie, which would lead both club fans to boredom.
    This is, by far, the most dramatic match in BPL 09/10.

  59. owen clone says:

    it has been proved that man u still man u though without ronaldo..
    man u is stiil the best as we already know! the unlucky tevez was so moron to switch from man my idol striker..michael owen for scoring the winnig goal…
    for city..stop dreaming that u can get in the t0p 4..but u better get in to bottom 4…

  60. rooney says:

    man utd will always be the only light, oooooooh city ooooooooooh city you are so far in the tunnel you will never seeee pass your pile of money

  61. manumanc says:

    ref ref ref ref ref ref, shut up n admit if u scored it wudnt even be taked about!!!!!! 1st thing i was tought as a lad playin footie was to play til the ref blows! think lescot n your other defenders might av seen owen but thought the ref shud blow?!?!?!?!

  62. manumanc says:

    Right i am a massive red, i dont know where the time all came from, BUT if you want to be a big club and win a game of football you have to play until the ref blows!! 200mil on players that should be able to defend for another 6 minutes aint to much to ask for is it city?? or ru just gona blame the ref forever. Shocking defending by both teams. Love united but rio u fu**ing C**K!! you aint nothing without VIDIC!!!

  63. melkam says:

    Man Unt.d do not deserve to win!
    they were 11 +refree!
    I don`t know why always this happens to Man United.

  64. michaelllllllllllllll says:

    so awful a game, i thought man utd were just too good for man city. yeah, money can bring sucess especially where quality players are signed.Chelsea did this once and won the league… the referee once again had to help the red devils to win. i can swear with my heart that if the fre kick were to be played by man city, the referee will end the game immediately after the kick but he did not do so in man utd case. the bottomline is that man utd have the 12 man who is the most powerful and this is unfair. man utd do not deserve this win

  65. MR BIG RON says:


  66. tinney says:


  67. Fergiiiii says:


  68. RONALD says:

    Man-u have shown that stay is a small with a small mentality.
    big is big, man-u is big. small is small city is small.
    tevez made a mistake to go to a very small club which can’t be among the BIG4

  69. Anonymous says:

    united suks deir a bunch of faggots

  70. Tottenham Tot says:

    And again we have it – extra time is defined as how long it takes for ManU to be allowed to score! How many times have we seen this before? ManU played the best but in the end they were given it by cowardly refereeing.

  71. Man Utd? Champions? Yes says:

    Man Utd have squeezed another one out in injury time. You can never count them out. Way too talented to lose to Man city. They are in a league of their own.

  72. ronieeeee says:


  73. MUFC says:

    why cant the highlights de in one video???????????
    great game:-D
    come on United!!!!

  74. adebayor says:

    Good game in 126 minutes football match

  75. MAN UTD says:

    great game,city will be happy with their performance which will definitely award them with a top four finish this season but they’re still not up there with the champions…its not always luck but pure talent and experience that won MAN UTD all their titles and this shows CITY who the big boss are in MANCHESTER……u can spend 300 millions and not win the title at all because there is only one SAF.

  76. Red Devil says:

    What a game best darby ever two errors and two goals but hey what is Hughes moaning about the added time after all 122+mils pounds can buy success thats why Sir Alex called small club with small mentality. So chill out there is no way city will break into top four this season.

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