Portsmouth Vs Man Utd Highlights (1-4)

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney scored a hat-trick as he helped his side earn a hard-fought win over Portsmouth.

Watch English Premier League football match, Portsmouth Vs Man Utd Highlights here.

First Half – Highlights

1-2 Rooney 48′

1-3 Rooney (Pen) 54′

1-4 Giggs 87′


Man Utd 2-0 Portsmouth (22 April 2009)

Man Utd scorers: Rooney 9, Carrick 82

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2 Responses

  1. cRazYee says:

    seriously dont understand why pompey was award the penalty for, pity kuszack could have a clean sheet

  2. Adolf Lucifer says:

    What an absurd decision to award a penalty to Pompey!
    Were that to be the standard for a penalty award, professional football matches would consist of a procession of penalties… farcical!

    As usual though, Pompey gave United a run for their money, and despite the scoreline, gave them a few scares (Kuszcak in goal played well, and showed none of Foster’s nerves).

    The biggest difference between the teams however, was one Antonio Valencia.

    More than a few United supporters were quick to condemn Valencia early in the season – seemingly for the fact that he wasn’t Cristiano Ronaldo – but today’s MoM performance (yes, despite Rooney scoring a hat-trick) coming after a series of increasingly effective performances ought surely to convince those who harboured reservations that this young man will become an important and exciting member of the United team for many years to come.

    He has pace, is extremely strong, tenacious in the tackle, maintains possesion well, puts in crosses and generally links up well with his team-mates.

    As good as Hreidarsson is in the air, he was mercilessly tormented by Valencia today… Man United definitely have a real star in the making.

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