Sunderland 2-2 West Ham Highlights

Ten-man Sunderland came back from two goals down to earn a draw with West Ham, who also had a man sent off.

Watch English Premier League football match, Sunderland Vs West Ham highlights.


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1 Response

  1. An impressive come-back from Sunderland.
    I have had my doubts over Bruce’s managerial capabilities (and only Neil Warnock spouts more hypocritical rubbish in constantly blaming match officials for their team’s deficiencies), but he is slowly winning me over.

    Kieran Richardson looks a much better player than he showed at Man Utd (I’d take him back for Nani in a flash!) and Bent is showing that – despite the lack of credit he gets for scoring lots of goals for every club he has played for – he really is a genuine goal machine.
    What has he got to do to get a look in with the England squad?
    Well if the rumours are to be believed, he can’t do much about that.
    Pro football is not a career in which those who are known to embrace a Lavender lifestyle are made to feel welcome – after all, Justin Fashanu was hounded out of the game and eventually hung himself.

    I also note that the eponymous Bent is growing a rather all-enveloping beard… is he becoming a “bear”?

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