Tottenham 1-3 Man Utd Highlights

Manchester United produced a superb display to fight back from a goal behind and win away at Tottenham, despite Paul Scholes’ sending off.

Watch English Premier League match, Tottenham Vs Man Utd highlights (Spurs Vs Manchester United highlights) here.

First Half – Low Res.

Second Half – Low Res.

1-0 Defoe 1′

1-1 Giggs 25′

1-2 Anderson 41′

1-3 Rooney 78′

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13 Responses

  1. abiodun says:

    red devil 4 life

  2. Kass says:

    we are the rads and we are always there for win LIVERPOOL FC.

  3. biruk says:

    manchester united is the king of culb 

  4. ooo. says:

    I hitManUTD…

  5. shnitz von erich says:

    Tottenham couldnt even score with the red devils down to 10 men .What a bunch of losers.GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!!!!!

  6. muktagurung says:


  7. malaysian fan says:

    superb performance by red devils..

  8. glenn says:

    banans cannot fly

  9. les says:

    come on lads sort it out we can beet these they are rubbish lol :]

  10. les says:

    m8 tottenham for the win come one boys

  11. Roise jaswinder Kaur says:

    manchester united vs tottenham

  12. Roise jaswinder Kaur says:

    ben fostr manchester united vs tottenham match klie manchester united Roise jaswinder Kaur

  13. Roise jaswinder Kaur says:

    manchester united team Roise jaswinder Kaur Manchester united vs totenham god match

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