Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona Highlights – La Liga

Barcelona bounced back from conceding the fastest goal in El Clasico history to stun Real Madrid and replace their rivals at the top of La Liga.

Watch Spanish League match, Real Madrid Vs Barcelona highlights.

Date: December 10, 2011
Venue: Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid
Kick Off: 21:00

1-0 Benzema 1′

1-1 Alexis Sánchez 30′

1-2 Xavi 53′

1-3 Fabregas 66′

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6 Responses

  1. lutfi nurhan says:

    i love barcelona!!!!

  2. Salam Berry Kelate Malaysia says:

    Well..I agree with Adam Roy. Real have many open chances to score, but neither Ronaldo nor Higuan or Benzama failed to find the net. Mr. Mourinho have to `muhasabah’ and find correct solutions to beat Barca. The way Barca controlled the game, make me wonder how far Real can go in champions league. The attack is good, but no sharp shooter or opportunist inside the box. On the other hand, Barca have produced attractive attacking game with Messi produced some flash of genius play with supoort of Inesta, Xavi and new signing Fabregas.

  3. Adams Roy Malaysia says:

    What a good game. Barca had finally punished RM with well taken goals and Ronaldo was not really outstanding. Mr. Mourinho have to wonder why in Europe they are dominant and in their local league they are 2nd best. Fabregas has a good game and scored from a good angle. Messi produced from flash of genius and Barca will insha Allah control Spanish football for the next few years.

  4. Anang Abah Joseph says:

    what is all this if you guys are not ready to show me the highlights then so be it i have no pictures for now or never

  5. Anang Abah Joseph says:

    no i do not want any picture to show

  6. Anang Abah Joseph says:

    These are the two teams in the world that play good and beautiful football and so i love them i am currently in the U.S.A where,the have their own type of football different from what we have i did not watch the march because we do not have a soccer channel in our house where i am leaving now please show me the highlights thank you guys very much.

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