EPL Table 2002-2003

1 Manchester United (C)3825857434+40832003–04 UEFA Champions League Group
2 Arsenal3823968542+4378
3 Newcastle United38216116348+15692003–04 UEFA Champions League Third
qualifying round
4 Chelsea38191096838+3067
5 Liverpool381810106141+20642003–04 UEFA Cup First round
6 Blackburn Rovers381612105243+960
7 Everton38178134849−159 
8 Southampton381313124346−3522003–04 UEFA Cup First round
9 Manchester City38156174754−7512003–04 UEFA Cup Qualifying round
10 Tottenham Hotspur38148165162−1150 
11 Middlesbrough381310154844+449
12 Charlton Athletic38147174556−1149
13 Birmingham City38139164149−848
14 Fulham38139164150−948
15 Leeds United38145195857+147
16 Aston Villa38129174247−545
17 Bolton Wanderers381014144151−1044
18 West Ham United (R)381012164259−1742Relegation to First Division
19 West Bromwich Albion (R)3868242965−3626
20 Sunderland (R)3847272165−4419

Updated to games played on 11 May 2003

EPL Table List

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  1. Everton 2003-04 UEFA Kupası Birinci tur

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