Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona (agg 1-1) – Champions League – Highlights

Andres Iniesta’s injury-time strike stunned Chelsea and sent 10-man Barca into the Champions League final.

Chelsea took an early lead through Michael Essien’s thunderous volley.

Watch this Uefa Chmapions League semi final match, Chelsea Vs Barcelona highlights here.

1-0 Essien 9′

1-1 A.Iniesta 90+3′



FC Barcelona and Chelsea are playing against each other for the 10th time in the Champions League.

They also met in the semi-finals of the 1965-66 Fairs Cup. Barca proceeded to the final after a 5-0 win in the decisive match at home. Both clubs had won their regular home ties 2-0.

In total, Barcelona have won five of the 12 matches played against Chelsea with the Londoners winning four.

Team From


Cech, Hilario, Belletti, Bosingwa, A Cole, Terry, Alex, Ivanovic, Lampard, Obi, Ballack, Essien, Kalou, Malouda, Drogba, Anelka, Stoch, Di Santo, Mancienne.


Victor Valdes, Pinto, Jorquera, Victor Sanchez, Caceres, Pique, Daniel Alves, Abidal, Sylvinho, Busquets, Iniesta, Hleb, Keita, Toure, Xavi, Eto’o, Messi, Henry, Gudjohnsen, Krkic, Pedro.

First Leg Result: Barcelona 0-0 Chelsea

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50 Responses

  1. get laid bitches!! says:

    get laid and s*ck your 1 inch dick!! f**k you!!!!!!!!!        btw no such thing as ball to hand -.-!!!!!!!!!11

  2. Anonymous says:

    noobs!!! chelsea should have 1!!!!! f**k you bitches!! smd!!!

  3. To anonymous says:

    Did you really say that both hand ball apeals are BALL TO HAND? Even the one where Piquet touched it ? LOL!
    That must be the dumbest thing i have ever heard. Piquet s hand was away from his body meaning he was intentionnally moving it… Meaning it s HAND to ball.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I watched the match again, and thought that Chelsea, as much as I hate them, were the better team in this game. However, over the two games Barca deserved to go to the final. I am convinced that only one penalty should have been awarded to Chelsea in the 2nd leg, when Drogba was fouled, they did not get it as he has a reputation for being a cheat, unfair on the night maybe, but what goes around……. As for the other claims, Malouda was fouled outside the area, then fell over like a big girl in the area, not a penalty. The two handballs shouts were both clearly ball to hand, so not penalties. The non awarding of a penalty for the foul on Drogba makes up for the clear penalty Barca should have got in the first leg. These things always even themselves out!!!!
    Chelsea fans should stop being so bitter and grow up, get over it and realise that its not the end of the world! In saying that, I’m delighted Chelsea  lost as the club represent everything that is wrong with the modern game!

  5. Chelsea should have won says:

    go watch the match la. only watch highlights and bitch so much.
    chelsea sould have gotten two penalties out of the 4 claims.
    and barca didnt make use of their possesion well enuf as chelsea even though they had more of it.
    stupid BLIND SHIT REFREE couldnt see the penalties and gave abidal a red… D:
    dont know which side he bias on.
    overall chelsea shud have won
    and idiots who never saw the whole match, go get it somehow and see how barca got ball magnets on their hands, especially when in the penalty box. dun matter if they played better

  6. big mike says:

    the time has come for video replay in football….for crying out loud…can FiFa and UeFa join the rest of the modern world…..where do they get these refs? reminds me of the fiasco those incompetent refs displayed during the 2002 world cup….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Best meta-event

  8. bill clinton says:

    my bloody sat nav is broke..typed in chelsea today and it said” 2 mins from rome”

    ho ho ho dikheads

  9. VIVA Man U says:

    I feel it was so ill-disciplined of Dropba (intended typo error) to approach the referee after the game like that. Looking back at the game, i remembered he had one chance one-on-one with the keeper then he blew it by making a pathetic shot..

  10. Chris says:

    Oh and Barca, kick the crap out of United in the final please!!!

  11. Chris says:

    Not even a chelsea fan, but that was horrible officiating.  How the fould on Malouda in the 1st half was not a penalty is beyond me…..Chelsea was by far the better team.

  12. DD says:

    Any idea to download these video clips….
    pls reply 🙂

  13. lol says:

    aww chelsea got owned flat in their faces. barca deserved t win. it was way too disgusting when drogba pointed fingers at the ref. nice goals from both essien and iniesta btw:D

  14. Unbiased says:

    @ DARE, Nobody robbed anybody.. Do you guys expect penalties after a diving that made Abidal to be sent out, Cant you guys use your senses.. These Chelsea Diving Club players are so dumb and the Coach was so useless in his tactics.. How can he be playing just one striker, same thing he did in Nou Camp…  Ball Possession for the match was 70:30 in favour of Barcelona, Barca had the midfield in control even after been one man down… Go and Re-watch the match if you have doubts. Barca deserved to win, The best form of defence is to attack.. but Chelsea DC decided to Defend and relax in their posts where the goal came to Destroy their Dreams… 

  15. dare says:

    This is just too funny, i am a MAN U fan but i must confess CHELSEA FC deserved to win. They were robbed of their right but its a sorry case. I was reading through some write ups and still dont understand why some people will never learn, if any other team believes MAN U has luck, they win by luck…would you not pray for that luck? If you must know, the record has it that MAN U is the only and first english club to win the world cup, the first to present world footballer from the english league, won championship last year and they are in final, about to pick the 3rd consecutive premier cup….what more do you all ingrate wants from a club that has represented english football well.?  Dont be biased.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well deserve win for Barca, Chelsea FC well i mean Chelsea Diving Club has given Barca more added time by diving and complaining too much like kids and deserve to be out.  If the club really got money they needs to buy professionals not bunch of Scums.

  17. Anonymous says:

    yet again chelsea prove that they are the most unpleasant scummy football club! to say they should have had 4 penalties is a joke. The only onet hat was a penalty was when Drogba got brought down, but his reputation as the world biggest diver & cheater went before him. Him & other the Chelsea players reaction at the end was nothing short of disgusting,  the club should be banned from the CL next year as a fitting punishment! JT yet again showed why he is the wrong choice as England captain. An England captain cannot behave in such a way!!!!!!!!!! As a neutral I am delighted the the final will be contested between two teams who play fantastic football. Scum like Chelsea do not deserve to be in showpeice finals. Come on Everton for the FA Cup!!!!

  18. Messi Goal says:

    viva BARCELONA   FUCK chelsea

  19. Anonymous Nigeria says:

    Nice game. Chelsea misused all dea chances. Barca got lucky. Referee was unprofessional. i Tip Barca for the crown only if they dont play like arsenal as de did lastnite

  20. LiVERPOOL FAN says:

    if  liverpool can beat manchester u nited by 4 -1 barca can easily do tht .i guesss score line of the final will be 2-0 to barca

  21. LiVERPOOL FAN says:

    ohhh i liked  to see the heart breaking chelsea  players  .i still can’t understand why drogba was so mad at the refree while others took that in a sports man spirit

  22. LOL -OWNED CHELSEA says:


  23. viva ronaldo says:

    and to anonymous at 7:29, havent you ever heard of stoppage time? there was four minutes of it and iniesta scored in the second minute of stoppage time, so maybe you should consider what your saying before you go on a rant

  24. viva ronaldo says:

    to all you guys saying that chelsea s*ck and this and that, it didnt really look like they s*cked when they were only the second team all season to hold barca scoreless at the camp nou no doubt.  chelsea were way better over the 2 legs and deserved to win, but when it came down to it, barca took their half a chance well and thats that.  the ref didnt give a penalty becuz he knew he made a mistake when he sent off abidal.  crap in my opinion but united will go on to win it, their defense is the strongest and their offense will shred barca’s defense. period

  25. Samer says:

    fuk chelsae and viva el barcelona.
    every last chelsae player n supporter is a fukin wanka n should stop actin on the field n learn how to play football. this isnt hollywood drogba u monkey sh*t

  26. Anonymous says:

    Barca just got lucky, they are nothing but swimmers not Chelsea! what do u call a goal after 90 minutes? A goal courtesy of the referee.. he should had blown his whistle before that goal. Oh well… it only shows that Barca cannot beat Chelsea without their manager going to the referee’s room or without the away goal rule. hahaha. One of my most hated players Henry is now with my most hated team.

  27. azgugu says:

    haha Chelsea kalah..padan muka Chelsea…kesian Chelsea kesian Chelsea…tak apa cuba lagi tahun depan…kalau kalah cuba lagi lain tahun…Man U akan berdepan Barcelona…Man U akan pertahankan gelaran juara eropah…MAN U

  28. man_u_07 says:

    man u is not just lucky..they’re a good well as barca…

    but chelsea just play dumb..haha

  29. Anonymous says:

    It was a good game from both teams but the only thing that really made me mad was that abidal got a red card for anelka’s dive/slip. I don’t get it

  30. amoraw says:

    now we will have a chance to watch a fair paly in the final cup. i am happy seeing this rugby players out of the europian cup compition. barca desrve but man united is waiting for you in Rome, best strikers…….

  31. carlosxest says:

    what are u telling? Chelsea plays as a Italian team, one shoot one goal, Barcelona was better in the two matches!!! Please see more football!!!

  32. LOL -OWNED CHELSEA says:


  33. Anonymous says:

    Drogba u sux balls, stop crying like a little girl and seriously do fcking something other than DiViNG.

  34. Roshan KC says:

    Dont forget Barca still Man utd is there to defeat in  rome

  35. LOL -OWNED CHELSEA says:

    lol OWNED CHELSEA BLNT chelsea diving club.. anelka biggest dive, drogba should just be banned for 1 yr for that and lampard and balack 2 weeks each.

  36. hey says:

    please show us barca goal

  37. Anonymous says:

    can someone put a link to Barca goal plz? I was watching whole time except the last 5 minutes.

  38. LFC FOR LIFE says:

    Maybe Chelsea need to switch from Chelsea FC to Chelsea DC (Chelsea Diving Club). Personally, I’m delighted to see them out… it’s a bitch of a pain to watch them play.

  39. louie says:

    jokes but i cant see barca goal 🙁

  40. aapd says:

    bahahaha. Quit your bitching Drogba. That red card was horsesh*t.


  41. LOL -OWNED CHELSEA says:


  42. Anonymous says:

    get the cheapest hitman and shot that ref

  43. Mac says:

    show me dot damn iniesta goal
    i ll kick his ass

  44. James says:

    How come no replay clip?

  45. Mac says:

    chelsea rocks
    barca s*cks

  46. Adeon says:

    So, what’s up?? Did it end 1-1 or not?

  47. Anonymous says:

    u must win or ill kil ya

  48. Anonymous says:

    Cum on barca

  49. chelsea fans says:

    chelsea must win..
    man u just lucky!!!

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