Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid Highlights

Liverpool reached quarter-finals of UEFA Champions League with a stunning 4-0 victory over Real Madrid at Anfield.

Aggregate Score : Liverpool 5-0 Real Madrid

1-0 F.Torres 16′

2-0 S.Gerrard (Pen) 28′

3-0 S.Gerrard 47′

4-0 A.Dossena 88′

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28 Responses

  1. suxhdsx says:

    Liverpool will always b the best

  2. liverpool z best says:

    u never have walked alone n u will never walk alone

  3. Arab Liverpool says:

    the best will be all ways the best

  4. Anonymous says:

    hug em.  how come anytime lfc win everyone says it’s some big scandal.  WTF we win because we are good, we lose sometimes because we didn’t play well.

  5. Liverpooler says:

    Liverpool folks calm down we knew we will win but the problem is we are not going to make it to semis and we’ll never win the EPL this season. We’ll get a kick in the teeth this weekend against Mighty Red Davil damn that s*cks scouser.

  6. Chris says:

    Why would he try to draw a foul there if he didnt get pulled??  All he had to do was kick it out….such a foul.  bad call

  7. scouser says:

    oh by da way BRING ON DA MANCS.

  8. scouser says:

    get in ya REDMEN AND 2 MAN U , WHO DA HELL AR U.

  9. Brenden says:

    I’ll admit the 2nd goal by liverpool (handball by Heinze) was a bad call by the ref. But watch the first goal closely, there is one angle that shows it particularly well.  Torres makes very little contact with Pepe’s shoulder. I think Pepe was trying to milk that foul to get himself out of a bad situation.

  10. soul says:


  11. EL NINO says:


  12. Lierbird indon says:

    Liverpool top markotop

  13. leo says:

    The only real good goal in this game was the  third goal. But it doesnt matter if it should have only been 2 – 0 MAdrid wasnt gonna score. They are total chokers in this competiton.

  14. roberto says:

    p.s that first goal was a foul because torres was hanging on to pepes shoulder even a bit.  I like torres I think he is awesome but I think the ref should have given the foul. The fags alwasy do for other minor falls so why not that one. PEPE is sh*t though i hate him.

  15. LFC AND BAYERN says:

    My teams killed it!


    Hopefully Man U lose tomorrow.

  16. roberto says:

    First goal was a foul and the second goal was a load of crap. That was so not intentional by heinze!!! The ball bounced right on him. I ****ing hate this faggot Refs. When they gotta call it they never do. That was 2 bad goals to give away and real madrid defence played horrible.

  17. ref says:

    as you can see the first goal closely, it is obvious that pepe fell down without any force by torres because he wanted a foul , but too bad he didnt. watch torres’ right hand closely and pepe’s body lang.

  18. Anonymous says:

    ha ha liverpool hav done again as a liverpool fan i want manu to lose to inter.

  19. woodrow says:

    First goal was a foul….

  20. Man U says:

    Well it seems like there’ll be yet another all English Semi-final which s*cks its like playing English leauge AGAIN. Shame on you Real you couldn’t even do what you are paid for on the bright sight Barca  should do the job that REAL couldn’t do to trash Chelsea or Liverpool.

  21. saraph2strange says:

    4-0 already…

  22. saraph2strange says:

    3-0 by now…=D

  23. saraph2strange says:

    It will be Liverpool on triumph for sure….:D

  24. baga says:

    Thanks man I missed first goal….U R quick

  25. anonymous says:

    it will be draw… i guess…

  26. Man U 2 says:

    i rather want all the english teams to go through. everyone should know that we are the champions of the best league of the world. well thats my way to look into it. otherwise i wouldnt give a damn anyways 😀

  27. Liverpool : says:

    liverpool are gonna thrash madraid..they are too strong at home to get broken.

  28. Man U says:

    I know Liverpool have a goal advantage so they will try to defend that goal while Real will trash them by 2 goals. Finger cross. I want to see Man U and Real Madrid on Final .

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