Man Utd 2-0 Inter Milan Highlights

First Leg: Inter Milan 0-0 Man Utd

1-0 N.Vidic 2′

2-0 C.Ronaldo 49′


Watch Uefa Champions League, First knock-out round, second leg match Manchester United Vs Inter Milan highlights here on

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23 Responses

  1. ricky says:

    man utd lost against fulham 2-0 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. ricky says:

    f**k off man utd fans you lot lost against us so liverpool all the what u going to do????

  3. dave says:

    how to watch ?

    please assit



  4. Man- U ! ~~ says:

    I think it will be liverpool who’s losing. Woo Man – u all the way. Go on and trash liverpool !

  5. SHKR15 says:


  6. Man Utd No.1 says:

    Glory Glory Man Utd.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the special one is not so special anymore…..

  8. Anonymous says:

    you’re not so special anymore…..

  9. ewan malaysia says:

    aku anak malaysia…penyokong mu sampai mati.
    aku rase mu menang piala fa tahun ni..
    ada berani……….!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Man U 2 says:

    lol@liverpool fans

    i have nothing much to say. real is no match for manchester united. the 9 times champions would have been blown away in both the legs if they faced united.

    come at old trafford this coming saturday. we will show you the weight of a true champion. beating a club which didnt manage to go beyond the last 16 5 years straight doesnt give you the glimpse of hopes to beat the world champions.

    Inter was lucky to have such a world class custodian. otherwise, it would have been 4 or 5 passed the net.

  11. don says:

    Thats a good joke  liverpool’s fans! hahaha 😀

  12. Deepak United says:

    **** you all anti manutd’ an………manutd can only be defeated by manutd…there are no any club to defeat it this season…….just quit before your team become dissapoint…

  13. Man U says:

    Bro all this people wanted Man U to lose because they are worried they Man U will trash them thats all.

  14. MU Fan says:

    In my view, all clubs are big, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal… but, if you all are real competition, if you are real big enuf, why want MU to lose to some other club? why not want MU play against you in the next stage or the finals? If you want to prove the world that you are greater than MU, then defeat MU at Old Trafford and take away the CUP. Its then, your greatness would be justified.

  15. Man U says:

    Liverpool fan and love LFC  what do you think now? Now come on Liverpool you are going by same score line 2-0 . One more thing to Morinho guess what you are not Special one to us.

  16. Fergie's Fergie says:

    Liverfools dont let us be fooled by you.. haha stop being too excited due to last night win.. liverpool are no where near the champions.. this weekend’s clash will be an example of how low they are in front of the football giants! Glory glory Man United!

  17. Shyam says:

    I’m working till 11, so i’m missing the match! I’m not gonna look at the score, will the highlights still be available on here at 11?

  18. Man U says:

    Oh Come on Liverpool you are going down this weekend so talk all you want within this 48 hours. See you then. Anyways back to tonights game well Morinho your record with Fergie is impressive but once in for all we’ll trash you out by at least 4-1 or 3-0 then we can talk about your record. Come on WAZZZZZAAAAAAAAAA.

  19. dare says:

    This is a funny world, would expect any football fan not critic to appreciate MAN U of their bravery both in the time past and their recent .  No doubt, liverpool is a good club but why the attack on the champions? one things is certain, MAN U is the first english club to bring club world cup. Long live MAN U, long live FERGIE the best coach in the whole world.

  20. LOVE LFC! says:

    Go and lose to inter manu ! we dont want you in the finals!

  21. Anonymous says:

    inter is back to form in recent matches

  22. lfc fans says:

    hip hip hurrray liverpool.manu will lose today

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