Bolton 0-4 Chelsea Highlights

Chelsea gave their title defence a boost with an emphatic victory over Bolton at the Reebok Stadium.

Watch English Premier League football match, Bolton Vs Chelsea highlights here.

Venue: Reebok Stadium Date: Monday, 24 January Kick-off: 2000 GMT.

Final score: Bolton 0-4 Chelsea




Six pack show!



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6 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    Highlights is actually second half highlights
    4th goal is actually first half highlights

  2. Roy says:

    the 3rd goal = drogba getting kicked
    the 4th goal = 3rd goal

    Conclusion theres no 4th goal highlights

  3. Billybob says:

    wheres the 4th goal???

  4. Billybob says:

    wheres the 4th goal???

  5. Razik_p says:

    expecting a better EPL match.

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