Bolton 0-1 Man Utd Highlights

Dimitar Berbatov’s late goal sent Manchester United to the top of the Premier League table and heaped more pressure on Liverpool.

Berbatov headed home from close range after good work from Carlos Tevez on the stroke of 90 minutes as the game looked to heading towards a tame draw.


Sir Alex Ferguson’s side had endured a frustrating afternoon with Bolton keeper Jussi Jaaskelainen in fine form.

But their victory now sees them go one point clear of second placed Liverpool.



Manchester United 2-0 Bolton Wanderers

27 September 2008 – Ref: Rob Styles
Man Utd scorers: Ronaldo 60 pen, Rooney 77

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18 Responses

  1. Malanie, Luwagu says:

    Great work you’re doing you guys of Man, United pliz thanks we apreciate we fans

  2. Anonymous says:

    For sure Man United is a great team no doubt about it p’ple have been talkink now they’ve closed their…………., Wel let praised our dear players for tha great job they’re doing, guys big up to you all,.
             Am Malanie Luwagu in thailand, praise united, praise Sir Alex, F

  3. Mr.Spice man u rocks says:

    @ rooney . At the top of your comment i thought you are taking a dig at me . But at the end i was pleased that you support me .i totally agree with your comment also . There are some people who tend to forget that man UTD has won UCLand league last season and is also going to stay atop this season also . Especially those chelsea fans

  4. ROONEY 10 says:

    I’ve read a couple of comments posted by spice man.. the guy is making complete scence. No chelsea fan dares open his mouth after that 3-0 slaughter , and someone like spice man is always there to make sure that happens.

    The truth is , United have reached the top of the table very deservingly and nobody could deny that. However some people got too shocked when that happened that  had to post comments saying that United don’t deserve it. It’s very clear that it’s total bull sh*t , and anyone in the right mind would surely admit that United  are , have been & always will be KINGS OF THE WORLD.

    So don’t beleieve anything you read about United being a fortunate team who always wins by luck. You’ve got to believe the factsyou see infront of you on the football pitch, because it’s very obvious that United are performing great football and they’ve deserved every point , match and title they’ve won through-out the decades.

    Glory glory man utd , match after match they keep proving to the whole world that they deserve to be called KINGS OF THE WORLD. I’m proud to be aUnited fan. Keep up the good work spice man and do me a favour will you, try and keep those idiot’s mouthes shut. 

  5. Mr.spice man u rocks says:

    At sahil, just because your brother likes man UTD you like man UTD . By your comment only , it seems you are such immature . I dont want to argue with man UTD fans , WE SHOULD BE UNITED And mind you dear , dont use abusive words against me .

  6. manchester UNITED says:

    manchester united the best team on the world ever.!!
    I`m the fan of man.utd from SLOVENIA

  7. sahil says:

    mr spice man u fu**er

  8. sahil says:

    yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.man u,man u,man u,man u rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we r bak at the top

  9. sahil says:

    ur the best united
    man utd rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wanna play for ur team united

  10. sahil says:

    man utd rocks i wanna play for them and i wanna meet cristiano utd  rockszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you man utd
    my brother is big fan of ur team

  11. Mr.spice man u rocks says:

    @CFC ..And you made A LAUGHING STOCK OF YOURSELF BY SAYING THat CHELSEA PLAYERS SHOWED CONFIDENCE AND WILL POWER . . . . Lol . . . By this you mean to say that man UTD lacked it ? Such a damn. Always say GLORY GLORY MAN UTD

  12. Mr.spice man u rocks says:

    CFC you little bastard… Although we fu**ed your hell out of you . You still want to convey that chelsea are the best. On your home ground you have conceded a goal and almost lost the game ,then the luck just had a swing to your side. Unlike us , chelsea were playing there almost full team. YOU ARE SUCH A LAUGHING STOCK COZ BY SAYING CHELSEA BY SAYING

  13. CFC says:

    try to see the confidence and the will power we chelsea players have/had!!!

  14. CFC says:

    @Mr. Spice… the M. fu**er… scoring on 90th min!! isn’t it fu**ing escape!!! u loser don’t comment like this ever.. u MF

  15. CFC says:

    @Mr. Spice… the fu**er…

    scoring on 90th min!! isn’t fu**ing escape!!! u loser

    don’t comment like u MF

  16. Chong Wee says:

    glory glory man united.. we are back to the top

  17. UnitedSince96 says:

    its harder to chase leaders in the second half of the season. title is now swinging on United’s way.

    Those are the moments for why Tevez’s transfer should be made complete, he created an opportunity out of nowhere and which seemed to be a game ending to a fruitless draw, they came up with a 90 min winner, thanks to tevez/berbe combo.

    Too bad, Liverpool fan enjoyed it until the 90th minute.
    Elsewhere, Chelsea saved their any hope to be in the title race after they came from behind. Although I do admit, they deserved 3 points, but my bad, would have been happy if they dropped a couple of points there, best if, losing to Stoke at home ground.

    United is definitely the favorites now. Hoping for another double this season.

  18. Mr.spice man u rocks says:

    We are the champions …. We are the red devils . . . The invincibles …. The undisputed dominators …. All you SICK chelsea fans you all just escaped from getting FUCKED ….. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD

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