Chelsea 2-1 Stoke City Highlights

Late goals from substitute Juliano Belletti and Frank Lampard spared Chelsea’s blushes as they came from behind to beat a belligerent Stoke.

Rory Delap had earlier given City the lead, latching onto a James Beattie pass and chipping over Petr Cech.

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With three minutes to go Belletti popped up at the far post to head home a Franco Di Santo cross.

Deep into injury time Lampard lashed in a fierce drive from the edge of the area to give Chelsea the win.



Stoke City 0-2 Chelsea

27 September 2008 – Ref: Martin Atkinson
Chelsea scorers: Bosingwa 36, Anelka 76.

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29 Responses

  1. Mr.Spice man u rocks says:

    Sir alex is the best manager . See even BY SPORTING YOUthfull lineup against derby man UTD thrashed them. And the first leg was an awfull luck. But now we have qualified for the final and WE GONNA WIN THE CUp . Spurs will be against them i suppose.and in the final also we will get to see the same line up

  2. ManU - the world club champs says:

    **** u chelseas..dun sore losers..inter lost 3-1 to atalanta..i believe we can thrash dem

  3. Mr.Spice man u rocks says:

    @smith cambell . . . Just go and see how chelsea has fared in champions league then talk about contradicting man UTD . I think you are one of the silly chelsea fans who dont know about there own club but go criticizing others . Chelsea has won Epl only three times . Twice under jose n one long back in 1950s. Just check out your teams record and then talk about man UTD . IF YOU RAISE QUESTIONS ON “SIR” THEN I WILL REPLY WHAT CHELSEA MANAGERS WERE DOING THIS MANY YEARS WINNING ONLY 1 EPL till 2005 and till date no champions league . Plz i dont like people raising questions on the greatness of “sir”. You got it . If you want more proof then check how many Epl we have won from 1990 under “sir”. Such a fool you are . Dont ever comment without knowing things .

  4. ROONEY 10 says:

    @ Chelski…

    You can’t justwrite down scores comparing between  utd & chelsea like that. If u had actually seen the matches  UTD vs Sunderland   and     UTD vs Middlesbrough  , you would have noticed why we won only 1-0 . Personally .. I have never seen more one sided matches than that , Middlesbrough & Sunderland both had their 10 players back on their side of the pitch defending as if their lives depended on it. NO TEAM could beat 10 defenders no matter how good that team is.Despite that .. we managed to beat themeven though it was by a goal to nil.

    When Chelsea played Middlesbrough & Sunderland, they were’nt defending with their 10 players and that’s how you were able to beat them 5-0.Lucky enough for chelsea .. they played those guys before us. After those two teams lost 5-0 against chelsea.. they couldn’t afford any additional humiliation by United , so they applied their 10 man defending tactic against us, but we still managed to win.

    From the way I’ve seen chelsea play so far this season, if those guys had played against you with 10 defenders , you wouldn’t have got  any goals.

    I seriosly believe that Chelsea need some dood strikers, Drogba isn’t what he used to be  ,  Kalou isn’t that good , Di Santo still needs more experience and Anelka can’t pull it off on his own.

  5. ROONEY 10 says:

    @ Anonymous…
    I don’t think it’s the wisest thing to do by a chelsea fan is to contradict united regarding the champions league. United have won 3 champions league titles where chelsea have won none. Now regarding Sir Alex .. he has won 2 chamions league titles out of the three united have won through out the years .. meaning that he has got us more than half our champions league titles.No coach has done this before you know ( I mean winning 2 champions leagues ).

    By the way, scince (like u say) winning 2 champions leagues in 25 years is such a shame … why hasn’t any chelsea coach won at least one ?!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys, this is smithcampbell never toy with the blues as for u Man U, U are going no where. Let us just wait till May and see who carry the trophy, U ar not even ashame ManU, ur coach who have used more than 25years in Oldtrafford is having only 2 champions league all 2 is name, but I believe this time the blues can surprise everybody and put u all to shame.

  7. Mr.Spice man u rocks says:

    So which teams do you think will contest in the final showdown of the champions league

  8. Mr.Spice man u rocks says:

    @chelski …..I have heard lately that chelsea are trying for robinho by selling 3-4 players at the cost of robinho. Anelka according to me is of no use against bigger teams . He just tends to score against small teams. Blues need one established striker so they tryin to rope in robinho . Anyways you from which country

  9. Chelski says:

    Mr.Spice, of course the goal difference is important. Thats been proved by last seasons last game win from united. But like i said, u cant write off chelsea yet. There are 17 games left, and even if united are the strong favourites to sprint to the finish, i wouldnt believe that chelsea cant keep pace. Every team is capable of slipping up enough points, including the ‘great man u’. I can see drogba leaving chelsea too. He doesnt stand much of a chance a getting his form back, especially while anelka is still flying high.

  10. ddfy says:


  11. Mr.Spice man u rocks says:

    @chelski . I concur that chelsea’s ‘goals for’ are in greater number than man UTD but our ‘goal difference ‘is better than yours.and thats important . Whatever happened last season but the champs were man UTD. And i tell you liverpool is a chucker in the second half of the league . N i think chelsea stands a great chance of finishing second . And drogba i think hes gonna leave chelsea.

  12. Chelski says:

    Rooney10 and Mr.spice,
    Im a chelsea fan (obviously) and i can be honest. I would have to agree that chelsea stand little chance of winning the title this season let alone beating  juve in the champions league. I do hope that united beat liverpool for honours this season, however, you cant write off chelsea. They have their moments of bad form, as every team does, but remember last season when united were in front by a fair amount of points, and by seasons end it all came down to the last game.
    Oh and Rooney 10,
    Man U 1-0 Sunderland
    Chelsea 5-0 Sunderland

    Man U 1-0 Middlesbrough
    Chelsea 5-0 Middlesbrough

  13. ROONEY 10 says:

    Well we can’t deny that chelsea played a great match and deserved the win even though it came late. I’ve got no problem with late wins … HELL united do it all the time !! But we have to point out to our respected chelsea fans that with all my respect to chelsea , they really don’t stand a chance in winning the league this season. I don’t think they stand a chance against much stronger opponents as MANUTD and LIVERPOOL (but mostly manutd).I’m saying this cuz of what i’ve seen of chelsea and how they’ve played through-out the season.They started the season with great performance , but it began to get a bit sloppy in the end.

    Well better luck next season chelsea.
    Long Live United
    Keep it up spice man …. us United fans have got to watch each other’s backs
    P.S.   United beat stoke 5-0 @ home
               Chelsea beat stoke2-1 @ home
                                                                                        You do the math

  14. Mr.spice man u rocks says:

    @ CFC anyways from which country you hail from?

  15. Mr.spice man u rocks says:

    @ CFC
    i got your point . But you seem to convey that premier league champions are no match to serie a champs. LET Me tell you that man UTD have won the champions league last season and needless to say they have out played a team of high calibre BARCA ( even ronaldinho n deco were there )both in nou camp and in old trafford. So i think this evident is enough to prove what man UTD can do irrespective of the opponent . EVEN IF INTER MILAN HAVE JOSE MOURINHO WE HAVE “SIR” ALEX FERGUSAN . Glory glory man UTD

  16. Anonymous says:

    Absuloooooootly harsh

  17. CFC says:

    Mr. Spice,

    Do u think that Man Utd can score against Morinho’s Inter atleast once?!!

    then you are the loser of the DECADE and fool of the whole season… just kidding

    forgive me if i have provoked you in any way..

    but the truth is that Man U and Liverpool has the more difficult opponent, according to me.

    pray for ur team first !!!


  18. Mr.spice man u rocks says:

    HELLO ALL Chelsea fans.. I bet chelsea are not going to top the league table . . . Man UTD is the team who is going to top it . AND ALL YOU PEOPLE STOP DREAMING THAT CHELSEA ARE GOING TO WHO AGAINST JUVENTUS.. DEL PIERO IS GOING TO THWART CHELSEA

  19. sharrah says:

    WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!
    thank a lot for LAMPARD … you are my hero ..
    love him always ….
    keeptheblueflagflyinghigh 😀

  20. Anonymous says:

    it’s only one lampard 🙂

  21. CLEF JAY says:


  22. John says:

    agree with you Clef Jay.. we have wake up…

    but i think we played well today.. but the problem is with finishing!!!

  23. CLEF JAY says:


  24. CFC says:


    thanks a lot lampard!!! u did it…

  25. vivianit fejza says:

    o    chelsea  o ma e  fort   camon   chelsea   chelsea ja u qi motren   f**k  man.utd

  26. John Joseph says:

    Lampaaaaaaaaaaaaard….. u r the great player i ever seen 🙂

    great victory…

    Give more confidence…

    morale booster!!!!

  27. Ace says:

    Keren bgt gol nya, detik2 terakhir..

  28. conannd says:

    udah menang tuh bro…. walaupun hoki….

  29. Kevin says:

    Semoga chelsea menang

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