EPL Top Scorers 2008-2009

RonaldoMan Utd18
RobinhoMan City14
AgbonlahorAston Villa12
RooneyMan Utd12
CarewAston Villa11
Van PersieArsenal11

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18 Responses

  1. Zub says:

    is it?!!

    Is Anelka the epl top scorer 2008-2009? amazing… 🙂

    anyway thanks for the info…

  2. go anelka says:

    anelka is a top player he deserves to be the top scorer, obviously if ronaldo and torres would have played more game for sure it would have been different but … football is football …

  3. i hate "I HATE MAN UTD" says:

    anelka’s goals were pathetic lol, mostly deflections and scrappy goals, i dont know how chelsea even win games. cant wait for next season!

  4. I HATE MAN UTD says:

    any ways anelka roked this year….ronaldo is a male slut….he s*cks…..chelsea rule….MAN U are like my shoe dust….

  5. Anonymous says:

    And lampard toped the assists for the season.

  6. The Negro of peace says:

          Anelka ,he is dangerious scorer ,you see the ball @the net but you dont know how and on the other side you see anelka celebrating for the goal I dont know how is he playing on the next seson I hope Iwill  see him playing not only celebrating, …oh my god it is like a magic Anelka ,…his simple touch is goal ,…Anelka Anelka Anelka 
           Ronaldo in now may be the best free kiker in the worled After Jeninyo Of  Leon but he is beter becos he es also great header but we do not have to forgate  Rooney If he is not Ronaldos heart he is his lung I predict next season this two players will do miracle .
          Gerard and Lampard of course they look each other and they r playing in the same position but definitley Gerard is beter and beter than Lampard , oh Gerard may be he is beter than all , he can atack , he can crose ,pass, and defend each year he is beter than the past  and I dont want to forgat  Toress who is looking for non selfish midfilder I apricate what he did briging the ball from half peach and pushing till penality if he stands at the penality area with his full power he is untouchable fire .
         The rest is Teves if  he find an aportunity sure he will show as perfect performance I like tevez in united than Berbatov he is good to play with Anderson and Carric 
        And at the primer ligue next season dont forgate Robinho he will be at the top of scorers list   ……. what do think about my idea am I wrong tell me

  7. jj says:

    cristiano unlucky cuz anelka wat a joke cuz if ronaldo played againsy hull he would have been da top goal scorer

  8. platini says:

    man.u is the best.other teams are s*cks especially liverpool

  9. man u rulz says:

    evn liverpool came in frnt of chelsea

  10. man u rulz says:

    any way man u won d epl title
    chelsea is a waste

  11. i dont hate ronoldo says:

    I don’t hate Ronoldo, but its u r right… his goals comes from free kicks (though itz a talent to score in freekick) and penalties…

    If they consider not the number of goals, but the importance of it, i think Gerrard or Lampard gonna win it 😉

  12. ihateronaldo says:

    ronaldo fell short 1 goal from the top with the help of penalties…
    which he cried to win the penalties…
    compared to torres, pure goals…clean goals…field goals…..

  13. mr independent says:

    no matter i lyke lampard more den gerrard im goin to admit that gerrard is better den lampard..but still chelsea rulez..

  14. Ah Dui says:

    if torres were to play 38 full games i bet he will be injured for more than half the season. score 30+ goals? yea hes a great player i admit. but too injury prone.

    ronaldo was injured for the 1st quarter of the season and yet he fell short of 1 goal from the top.

    Both lampard and gerrard are great. they carried their club on their shoulders when they needed them the most, for gerrard, scoring crucial goals and for lampard, his pin point passes which found the shoelaces of his teammates.

    We have no doubt on what quality Anelka is. The way he dominated and score goals in the 1st half of the season for chelsea was crucial. This was before Drogba came back. Without his goals, Chelsea wun be where they are now.

  15. merweex says:

    i guess why so pathetic ?!!? with a shaky GKs and clumsy defense with no tactics, just throw the ball and play, even me, could score 20 goal.

  16. merweex says:

    just a pathetic epl, anelka an average player who is top scorer, then a 3 midfielders take 2nd,3ed, and 4th positions, just so pathetic. seria A rules.

  17. laza s*cks says:

    lampard scored when chelsea needed him the most quit hating
    torres is amazing tho

  18. laza says:

    gerrard less games then lampard 6 more goals than him?
    lampard so bad
    lol lol torres played only 15 full games  and scored 14 goals, if he played 38 he would score 30 +

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