Liverpool 1-3 Aston Villa Highlights

Aston Villa produced an outstanding defensive display to secure their first win against Liverpool in eight years as Rafael Benitez’s side continued their stuttering start to the new Premier League campaign.

Watch English Premier League match, Liverpool Vs Aston Villa Highlights here.

0-1 Lucas (OG) 34′

0-2 Davies 45′

1-2 Torres 72′

1-3 Young (pen) 75′

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31 Responses

  1. aaron says:

    come on liverpool this time chelsea will finaly beat liverpool

  2. r.keane says:


  3. simon says:

    liverpool badly need a new mid even with aqualini

  4. belikong says:

    so Weak!!!! Liverpool weak!!! weak! weak!

  5. aku says:

    pade muko

  6. Miocarbon says:

    Please Mr.Rafa make up your team….Find new striker…you can always rely on torres and gerrad all the time.

  7. Aman says:

    We’ll just get there, still 100% behind Liverpool!
    Squad just needs to talk amongst themselves, im sure they’ll come fighting hard.

  8. vijay says:

    lfc are 1 point better off than last year from these 3 nobody’s thought of that 1..2 draws n 1 defeat last year..1 win this year..

    though they got to improve much more and be regular..its gona be a tough n tight league this year..

  9. zemanwitaplan says:

    chill out , it is just a bad start.

  10. kosovarli says:

    oooooo liverpool young ta bon bajat from kosova

  11. huh says:

    Gerrad most suit on cmf than amf…
    benitez should play 4-4-2 formation..
    put babel/voronin with torres on attacking and let gerrad doing his job on cmf…

  12. someone says:

    hahahaha Liverpool thinks they can win the title like this..

  13. LAGGHEAD says:

    hurry up aquilani….Recover!!! so u can take over that useless lucas

  14. lfc fan says:

    the midfielder side is not really good.find another cmf/dmf like alonso..replace lucas!!!

  15. Anti- Foolzz says:

    Sad ….

  16. giggs says:

    livrpool :))))
    still can’t play with tot team !!

  17. Apart from Torres, when was the last time Liverpool bought a really big established star?
    “Mister” Benitez seems to have squandered an awful lot of money on middling quality squad players, with only the signings of Mascherano and Alonso having actually raised the standard of the squad to any appreciable degree.

  18. EL NINO says:

    we need to get rid of LUCAS…!
    and find other potential buyer who could bring a limitless budget…!
    and BENITEZ…???
    we r running out of patience…
    keep losing some more and we could forget bout the title race…

  19. dan says:

    they shouldnt of taken on benayoun

  20. XANDER Said: “Yeah right, United won’t do s**t this season”
    I say: Yeah right, didn’t we hear that at the start of last season?
    And the season before?
    And the season before that?
    Besides which, I rather think the subject in hand is Liverpool’s chances… and just how highly would you rate them at this time?

  21. XANDER says:

    Yeah right, United won’t do s**t this season.

  22. hix says:

    Running out of patience …
    Liverpool …

  23. mohamed says:

    liverpool needs to play more stong and more of attacks it is not enough to play always by gerrard and torres . the other teams know that so they comes to mark and stop gerarard and tores moves

  24. Oh dear me… hardly Champions form, is it?

    Mind you, it’s only 3 games into the season – but being 6 points behind Chel$ea this early makes the job that much harder…

    Truth to tell, it’s hard to see Liverpool having the luck they enjoyed last season; playing over a quarter of their league games against ten men at some point, unusual number of penalty awards,  late goals… yet they still only finished 2nd…
    If “Mister” Benitez concentrated more on his team than on his vendetta against “Mister” Ferguson,  he may enjoy greater success in the EPL!

  25. A.B says:

    Villa Blitz KOP FLOPS

  26. Sir Alex says:

    United will win the league…Liverpool have been shown up for the weak squad they are…

  27. chris says:

    f**k you both of you liverpool are a great side and the will find their feet and win the epl…f**k off united!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. A.B says:

    Lucas waste of space need a creative mid, or a top striker…cant rely on Gerrard and Torres all the time 

  29. sw says:

    liverpool are falling apart no strength in dept and a poor general squad

  30. Dre says:

    Liverpool need more creativity in their team, a few more players like Benayoun. Oh and Carragher is a mug.

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