Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal Highlights


0-1 Arshavin 40′

1-1 Rooney (Pen) 59′

2-1 Diaby (OG) 64′

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54 Responses

  1. babaly says:

    You visited a great idea

  2. aaron says:

    man united were lucky to get the pently rooney you are a luckly rooney s*cks

  3. 96 was not enough says:

    That’s pretty rich coming from a Liverpool fan. Scousers are the most illiterate people on the planet. I’m surprised you even know how to use a computer. A scouser with a brain. Rare and dangerous! 
    If scousers didn’t spend so much time wanking over Stevie G and murdering people…

  4. aaron says:

    not man united fan but great game man united

  5. Not Applicable says:

    I can understand the text language but WTF!!!! is all this mumble jumble of words that you all write, none of it make sense. Just take this post as an example, some of you need some serious schooling:

    died hard liverpool fan Says:
    August 31st, 2009 at 9:03 pm
    together we success 4 liv….. know is beginnig session EPL, hopefully we stiil on tittle better than MU coz loss to Bunrley 1-0.. the it bad result for MU..

    I mean, fair enough its not my business and im probably gonna be branded a loser but why would you not want your post to look neat, tidy and easy to read, just a thought.

    So please take some time to learn what these words you are using actually mean and should be written like, as a pose to just randomly bashing your keyboard.

    One more thing, all of the insults ive read on here so far are extremely uninventive. If you dont know how to insult people, just dont do it. Its a bit like operating some dangerous heavy machinery that you have no training in doing so, you would’nt woud you.

  6. lwinmaung a says:

    bloody fool mu. How did refree foolish to maste arsenwenger. This refree is really idiot  and made foul rudely to honorary coach. So I hate this refree. and u …………….

  7. rickjayz says:

    huhu glory3 man utd.mufc is the lucky club….sorry 4 the other club k..

  8. Dmo says:


  9. bbb et says:

    LA LaLA watch going to say now losers…..why don’t loser take all of the stuff and get hell out of old T. we’re going to east to west man u the best.

  10. bbb et says:

    look u beat in FA, CHAMPIONS LEAGU and now on epa….don’t say like anti-football beacuse of your untalent game

  11. PMS Mukah ekkie says:

    glory glory glory MU X3….. i thing mu must change new coach , u know that Fergie old now is 75 year old , just awaitting for dieing.. plz recoment for this decission… come on lah died hard Fan MU…..

  12. died hard liverpool fan says:

    together we success 4 liv….. know is beginnig session EPL, hopefully we stiil on tittle better than MU coz loss to Bunrley 1-0.. the it bad result for MU..

  13. edward soita says:

    Man use less unless you guys are favoured as usual this seasson you are not lacky,without lots of diving that Ronaldo did idont see united goin anywhere past 5th position .what happened during man u arsenal game is totally unacceptable.why was the ref so vegilant on van persies strike than Rooneys cheat on the foul.?ilove you young boys and for real wenger is a proffesor.

  14. fransbruno says:

    bravo united in u i believe

  15. noobs says:

    hey noobs, get  a life. the game is over. arsenal s*cks, wenger is retarded.
    want to voice your comments? go be a sports commentator then. useless netizens.

  16. robbie says:

    Man United did not deserve any points for this performance. Anyone who watched the game knows that Arsenal outplayed United, and deserved the points but the ref made an arguable call to give Rooney the penalty, and then Abu Diaby GAVE you guys a goal, you didn’t EARN anything. Even though United will take the points, Arsenal was the more impressive side, and have a better chance of winning the league. United have no one but Rooney, although their back 4 is pretty damn good. But that’s all they’ve got. If you think United had a hard time stopping Arsenal today, just wait until we’ve got Walcott, Fabregas, Rosicky, and Nasri on the pitch. United won’t stand a chance. HAHA Michael Owen! Good luck guys! You’ll need it, just like you needed it against Arsenal!

  17. PETCOV says:

    if rooney dived then why didnt almunia protest it?! u would think that he would get pissed off if rooney dived considering whats going on with eduardo !!!!!

  18. TO Sam you re f**king stupid says:

    Arsenal was dominating??Glad to know that they were scoring three goals in the match Including the awesome own goal by Diaby and the last minute outside ball??
    Funny huh??

  19. Sam you re f**king stupid. says:

    Sam the only reason Man U even had a chance to score 2 late is BECAUSE THEY GOT LUCKY EARLIER !! LMAO!
    They were playing TERRIBLE and arsenal was dominating , they only had chances late because  arsenal had all their men up BECAUSE  man u got lucky early..

  20. kevin says:

    I hope they look into Rooney dive cause he surely fell before he was touch by the goalie

  21. Crazy Manchester United says:

    Ya!!I agree u Red Devil just wait manchester united wins the game and make it 4th EPL title in a row!

  22. Red Devil says:

    Chill out Kids who cares of teams results as long as Red Devils wins the game and make it 4th EPL title in a row

  23. Mac says:

    red devils s*cks

  24. Sam says:

    what a son of a bitch you are??

  25. redza23 is a son of the bitch says:

    Manchester United?Maybe already 3 or 4 concutive champions of the Barclays Premier League and it was a tremendous record of EPL!

  26. redza23 is a son of the bitch says:

    4-1?Last season match..u wan say last season?ok what…last season u can internet find many of the liverpool match were also 3-2 with a luckily won….That is truth…liverpool always like that what…Liverpool already how many years no win the champion already?i think is going to reach 20years….Their legend is not bad what but now?SUCKS!!!

  27. Sam says:

    United should have scored 2 goals in the extra time after 90 minutes!! United were better than Arsenal in the 2nd half and should have won 4-1 with Nani and Berba scoring but they missed sitters

  28. redza23 is a muderf**ker says:

    old trafford is the best stadium but liverpool are sh*t also gerrad bumlicks torres anfield stands for Absolutely   Nutcrackers    Fucking    Ideiotic   Extremly  Lonely  Dickheads

  29. redza23 says:

    old trafford is an idiot stadium more than anfield..don’t remember??..LIVERPOOL 4-1 manutd..hahaha..

  30. Crazy Manchester United says:

    Hello,Idiot liverpool fans,3-2 izzit a very good result for liverpool?moreover Bolton one red card,dun forgot after the red card liverpool just score the two goal to win the match..The last fixture,what is the result of liverpool?Win?NO..Is a shame lose.3-1 by aston villa in the ANFIELD(LIVERPOOL HOME)IDIOT stadium…Lucas??<—-Own Goal King?I think mayb Lucas and Diaby have some relationship…LOL…What can u all expect from liverpool in this season?The answer is NOTHING!

  31. Crazy Manchester United says:

    Hello,Idiot liverpool fans,3-2 izzit a very good result? moreover bcs of a red card from Bolton..It prove that liverpool just will win 11-10 player match..liverpool home match vs aston villa?What is the result?How come? Lucas???<—Own Goal King?Liverpool defend s*cks like sh*t…Liverpool's opponent 5goals all including free kick,penalty,corner it prove that liverpool……So Liverpool fans u all still wan expect Liverpool did well in EPL?

  32. Brandon says:

    Thou am a Man Utd fan, a draw would have been a fairer result.

    Afterall, the winning goal was an absolute gift – Diaby heading in an own goal when he seemingy ain’t even pressurized. Oh well … Lady Luck smiling on the Devils!

    Nonetheless, 3-points into the bag, enroute to, hopefully, winning yet another Premiership.

  33. aviho says:


  34. benny rooney says:

    the man utd alwayz red devils n rock forever……

  35. Crazy Liverpool Fan says:

    i agree with u redza very nice goal by gerrard today to win the match only if they can play better 1st win of season

  36. ur support says:

    please ….Arsenal last year so many people sick ,so we need new
    face in 09/10

  37. see says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa again ARSENAL It’s shame……..

  38. laza says:

    Anonymous Says:
    August 29th, 2009 at 11:40 pm
    sum hw it always happens manu perform sh*t aganst other teams bt wen they play agenst a strong team they perform well. Arsenal r the oposit

    — how could u say that, thats liverpool.. lets see, last yr out of versin the other big 3clubs twice, they won 4( 2 against man utd, 2 against chelsea, ) of them and drew twice(2 draws against arsenal) and yet didnt win the league because of draws to weaker opposition

  39. Anonymous says:

    shut up or I’ll smack you all up!

  40. redza23 says:

    lvrpool forever..hahaha..

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. Anonymous says:

    anonymous is wally mcdoogle (only the last comment)

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. Anonymous says:

    shut up woodrow and go make a fire ( at least i spelt it in a language you will understand. have you ever heard of sms language.) think before you speak

  45. Woodrow says:

    Wally McDoogle Says:

    What did you say? Is that English or do you not know how to spell?

  46. Anonymous says:

    sum hw it always happens manu perform sh*t aganst other teams bt wen they play agenst a strong team they perform well. Arsenal r the oposit

  47. redza23 says: can manu wins the game although arsenal comes there with a very good performance against others team before that..

  48. Anonymous says:

    oh no man utd a winning

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. bluemoon says:

    manu MUST lose…. heheheheeeeee

  51. Wally McDoogle says:

    It aint matta wat u gys tink. arsenal r gona take man utd apart like nothing coz man utd dnt luk so gud dis seeson.

  52. cfc fan says:

    hell yea a draw is the best result we’re 4-0-0 we won the EPL

  53. cfc says:

    i wish so 🙂 but match is at Old trafford. Draw may be a good result.

  54. are-j says:

    arsenal will win this match!!

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