Chelsea 3-0 Burnley Highlights


1-0 Anelka 45′

2-0 Ballack 47′

3-0 A. Cole 52′

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8 Responses

  1. paul says:

    hey chelsea proved what its capable of .. rock chelsea

  2. aaron says:

    great start chelsea another great year for us

  3. aaron says:

    chelsea rule

  4. aaron says:

    anelka you magic man

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow. jensen was great!

  6. Mac says:

    chelsea rocks

  7. Casper says:

    Edit: 3-0, not 0-3 😉

  8. Casper says:

    As far as I know, the result of the match was 0-3 and not 0-2 as stated.
    Ashley Cole managed to score on a beautiful pass from Lampard.

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