Tottenham Vs Wigan Highlights (9-1)

Jermain Defoe scored five second-half goals as Tottenham humiliated Wigan with their highest top-flight win.

Watch English Premier League football match, Tottenham Vs Wigan Highlights here.

Goals – Part 1

Goals – Part 2

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6 Responses

  1. tevap\ says:


  2. mb says:


  3. Christian Brown says:

    my name is criddy quad and i believe that Tottenham are the greatest team to grace this here planet! When i grow up (with the help of the sun) i want to be as big and strong as Jermain Defoe!
    Love from me Criddy Mccrid Quad

  4. neutral says:

    such a horrible score
    if i can comment,Tottenham already started their way to be the underdog,to disturb the big^^

  5. elliot says:

    i do ballay

  6. alfa says:

    tottenham went crazy. i swear, they went crazy

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