Serbia 1-1 France Highlights

Watch group 6 European world cup 2010 qualifier match, Serbia Vs France Highlights here.

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4 Responses

  1. p.s. IT WAS A DIVE!! HE CHEATED!!

  2. Hillbilly“? What a quaint – if somewhat archaic bizarre – colloquialism.
    Are you by any chance one of the denizens of our former colony in The Americas? Your less than competent command of the English language would suggest that it does not come easy to you.

    Aggression is often the retreat of the ignorant; it is rooted in fear – but you have nothing to fear from erudition, it is not a contagious condition… besides which, you appear to be one of those fortunates who possess a natural immunity; you must live in a state of bliss!

    So go now and reflect upon the rash impulse which drove you to conduct yourself in the manner of such a malevolent lackwit and thus impugn me with your impertinent and importunate pusillanimous poltroonery.

    Recant now lest ye feel my wrath! !

  3. Anonymous says:

    shuuut the fuk up you fuken hillbilly. Serbia had so many more chances to win either way.

  4. Despite the publicity and notoriety that Edouardo elicited for his disgraceful dive against Celtic, it seems that players still will take the opportunity to deceive the ref in order to get a penalty, and be damned with the consequences.
    The absolutely shameful dive by the Serbian – which resulted not only in an unfair penalty, but also had the GK sent off – should be reviewed by UEFA and they should throw the book at the Serbian actor who has brought shame upon his nation.
    It’s no good punishing Edouardo (who deserved it) if the officials are just going to wimp out and not be show consistency.
    Come down hard on the divers, or we’ll just continue to see more of these brazen acts of duplicity.

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