Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool Highlights

By eplmatches
Updated: August 16, 2009

Tottenham debutant Sebastien Bassong scored the winner as Spurs beat Liverpool at White Hart Lane.

Watch English Premier League match, Tottenham Vs Liverpool Highlights here.





  • Anonymous

    awe!!! spurs!

  • Anonymous

    Bassong seems to be good signing.

  • Anoop

    What’s happening?????????????????
    When all big guys started with victory why couldn’t you,the most potential team in epl, manage a opening day triumph????
    Please don’t make me lose my faith in you….

  • anonymous

    its another big talk season from liverpool yet i pity their die-hard fans that will all ends up with disappointment yet AGAIN…for the past 20 years already,where is the trophy LIVERPOOL?


    Liverpool always screw up the opening game of the season….but i believe they still can own later, just look at barca last season, they draw and lost the first 2 games then suddenly own like crazy. COME ON LIVERPOOL!!!

  • anonymous

    liverpool should earn more points with teams like this.If not, winning man united will be more difficult.They should treasure every match

  • Oscar

    Glory glory!!!!!!! Spar…….
    Very nice game………………..

  • Anonymous

    treasured aswell are u daft!!

  • I

    IN YOUR FACE LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liv

    Keep it up..go go go get the top table with start game… .you’ll never walk alone..