Chelsea 5-0 Blackburn Highlights

Chelsea produce an fine attacking display to thrash Blackburn 5-0 and move top of the Premier League.

Watch English Premier League football match, Chelsea Vs Blackburn Rovers Highlights.


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24 Responses

  1. atheen says:

    CHELSEA  has proven their strength ………  Hope the MEN IN BLUE will bag the trophies this year 

  2. Anonymous says:

    bleed blue foreva
    chelseaz d strongest team in d world dis season

  3. ikechukwu says:

    Blues 4 life……………drogba d best 4 real………………

  4. kitiya james says:

    Iam very happy yestday(25- 10- 2009)MAN- U.will see pepe ,when i come to oldtrfd on the (8-11-2009).Drogba will prove for you that he is the best. (M.U.2)(CHELSEA.4)TAKE THIS FROM ME.,

  5. apit says:

    i love chelsea allways

  6. apit says:

    the blues is my memory
    chelsea life

  7. Davidson says:

    Well done chelsea and well done Drogba the best striker in the whole world. if not u who?

  8. chelsea boy says:


  9. chelsea boy says:

     chelsea will win the trophy this season…….sorry manchester united…..

  10. kitiya james says:

    Didier ,is best in the world,if you call him a (sweamer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,flayer)na you sabbi.from NIGERIA.i love DD,and i love Chelsea.

  11. besi says:

    shum i fort je drogba
    veq vazhdo hehe

  12. Didier Dogsh*t (DIVINGBASTARD) says:

    I love Drogba

  13. anti drogba no.2 says:

    Drogba is the best

  14. Swazi pride says:

    U have done very Well chelsea wish u all the best this season & remember that u are the best team im the world. MUCH LOVE TO THE BLUES

  15. Swazi pride says:

    Well chelsea wish u all the best this season & remember that u are the best team im the world MUCH LOVE TO THE BLUES

  16. Didier Dogsh*t (DIVINGBASTARD) says:

    bloody cheating bastardo… burn in hell drogdive

  17. anti drogba no.2 says:

    you bloody diving cheating scumbag

  18. lampard says:

    chelsea will win all cups in this season

  19. lampard says:

    welldone CHELSEA

  20. albrim shurdhaj says:

    drogba , lampard , essien , and also pleyer chelsea is stars

  21. anti drogba says:

    wad a diver he is to win the penalty. Hes such an cheater

  22. Ashu : big fan of chelsea says:

    well done my team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jonathan says:

    Fuckin sh*ty hell what a win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. October 27, 2009

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