Man Utd 8-2 Arsenal Highlights

Wayne Rooney scores a hat-trick as Manchester United respond to Manchester City’s mauling of Tottenham by destroying Arsenal.

Watch English Premier League match, Man Utd Vs Arsenal highlights here.

Venue: Old Trafford
Date: Sunday, 28 August
Kick-off: 1600 BST

– This is the 214th meeting between the sides. Manchester United have won 88 times, Arsenal 79 and there have been 46 draws.

– Manchester United had won their last seven matches against Arsenal before they suffered a 1-0 defeat at the Emirates in May.

– This will be the 46th time Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have faced each other. Ferguson has won 20 times to Wenger’s 16, with 9 draws.

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20 Responses

  1. joshua festus says:

    pls show me highlight

  2. Anonymous says:

    man u will win
    no surely will win league
    they are my team





  5. just says:

    sarounder to man u? lol. I couldn’t imagine this is from some one in England. I thought may be is an english word, looked at my dictionary ahahahahaahah.

  6. Single man passy says:

    Great shame 4 arsenal management, coach and fans.unexpectable but proved wenger wrong on his assumptions. Pls wenger it’s not too late to turn back.u know the cause.

  7. Someone says:

    This will be the 46th meeting between Ferguson and Wenger. 20 won be Fergie, 16 by Wenger and 9 draws. 20+16+9=45. A little mistake 🙂

  8. nwambu says:

    we have been waiting 4 a time 2 show d world dat man u stil remain d best in england and second in d world of football,without been told arsenal is not competing with man u.

  9. vip-oreva says:

    D undefeated man u is d best club in d world and tell man city,chelsea,liverpool to sarounder to man u.
    Because we are d best

  10. vip-oreva says:

    D undefeated man u is d best club in world and tell man city,chelsea,liverpool to sarounder to man u.
    Because we are d best

  11. Pato says:

    Man U,Won the Shield to defend our Title as the EPL Champ19ns!!

  12. Khawar Rafiq says:

    This is not the game which any arsenal fan would like to watch. i think it is time to spend some money to buy new players. So Mr.Wenger plz do some thing that we proud on u as pride of London require something.

  13. Abba sabiu says:

    Arsen wenger stop feeling that u know what u a doig!!!

  14. Joshua says:

    It is indeed a great shame 4 wenger who dose’nt want to spend money

  15. Srinivas says:

    Time to buy new players before window closes, wenger u know u can bounce back, come on u can do it

  16. habtamu says:

    great shame for arsenal fan & Wenger

  17. KOW ANSAH MENSAH says:

    In epl there are 2 teams,”the team”(man utd) and “the rest”(other teams),man u “tooooooooooooooo much”

  18. Andy Kabai says:

    Terrific game, terrific Manchester United. Next victims, watch out…!

  19. Adam Z Lucifer says:

    8-2!!! Man United on the rampage and Arsenal in tatters. I don’t believe Arsenal have ever conceded 8 goals in post WWII football, and the pressure on Wenger is immense.
    Manchester has become the capital of English Football as London and Liverpool struggle to keep in touch.
    United are doing it with talented youth, City are doing it by spending vast amounts of money; United however, have the biggest advantage – they have Alex Ferguson.

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