England 4-0 Slovakia Highlights

England won for 4-0 in the ‘warm up’ match for Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier against Ukraine.

Heskey scored for England in 7th minute.

Wayne Rooney scored twice in 70th and 90th minutes while the remaining one was scored by Lampard.

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5 Responses

  1. Thomas Tesfaghiorghis says:

    ya Wayne Rooney is the one of the best players owned by manchester united club.

  2. Chalegwa says:

    Rooney is the best

  3. Lampard ****s says:

    Oh yea he really really really really really really ………………does , did and do. Lord when people will understand.

  4. Man U says:

    Now does anyone one still argue that Rooney is not good in the AIR ? Rooney is Goal scoring mechine and will always be FULL STOP.  and STOP moaning about his temper without his red hot head it won’t be Rooney he is in todays world of football. As Capello say Crazy man is Fantastic so be it . I can’t wait to see him back in Man U scoring against FC Porto.

  5. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Now that’s more like it! Forget the Lampard/Gerrard nonsense, Rooney/Gerrard is the hot pairing!
    A shame however, that Downing continues to fail for England & Lennon, for all his pace, is simply not as effective as Beckham when it comes to the final delivery!
    We will need Rio’s pace at the back on Wednesday though; the Upson/Terry pairing lacks pace and will be caught out against the better teams.

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