Fulham 3-1 Liverpool Highlights

By eplmatches
Updated: October 31, 2009

Liverpool were reduced to nine men as they suffered a fifth league defeat in 11 games after being beaten at Fulham.

Watch English Premier League football match, Fulham Vs Liverpool highlights.

First Half Highlights


Second Half Highlights


  • hafiz

    liverpool the best………liverpool win gol…………………………………………………………………………………..

  • lfc

    yesss liverpool the best!!! =D love you lfc!

  • liverpool r de bst

    dat was not a tackle by degen      hard luck reds          !!!  :]

  • liverpool r de bst


  • http://www.eplmatches.com Adolf Lucifer

    Oh dear.
    Oh dear me.
    Oh, my word…

    It would appear that SAF has saved Rafa’s job; had Liverpool not beaten Man Utd last week, this result against Fulham would have been the final straw.
    It is evident now that the Fat Spanich Waiter is not capable of winning the Premiership.
    He has bought 67 players, yet when Stevie Me or Torres is injured, they can’t hack it!

    Who the Hell plays two holding MF players at home?

    Who demands complete control of transfers then pays £20m for a crocked player?

    Who considers Ngog an adequate back-up for Torres?

    Who is always blaming the owners (or Fergie) for his own failures?

    Who has managed to crash out of the title race, out of the Carling Cup, and almost out of Europe, all before the end of October?
    That’s right; The Fat Spanish Waiter!

    Once more, Liverfool fans are going to have to settle for the “we beat Man Utd” trophy this season, and it’ll take more than the angry squeals of Rafa’s compatriot Roberto Martinez to turn around this story of failure…

  • Sean

    Hahaha Bravo Fulham. Liverpool is toast.

  • Adolf Lucifer

    I am a retard


    liverpool is rubbish team, FAT boi Benitez team selection is suicidal, we he buy atleast new 11 Midfielder players every season and he dont have another quality striker for Torres backup? he got Babel on Bench every game, what he got against him! he is a quality player, babel come to Chelsea you will be a king of Stamford fortress.

    Liverpool fans scapegoating americans!! they WERE always RUBISH even before they bought. SCOUSERS ARE RUBISH RUBISH RUBISH.

  • http://www.eplmatches.com Adolf Lucifer

    To the lollygagging lackwit who confessed to being a retard; yes, that is obvious  – because you clearly don’t even know your own name.

    It has been suggested that it was nothing but a puerile attempt to make it appear that it was I who was making the comment…

    I cannot, however, bring myself to believe that the author – intellectually deficient though he evidently is –  can be so crass and devoid of sense as to believe that his hastily scribbled monosyllabic sub-troglodyte grunts could possibly be mistaken for the articulacy and erudition which provides the leitmotif for my own on-line contributions.

    Face it; Liverpool got stuffed and you got pwned… deal with it, my embittered and barely literate little friend…

  • orlando


  • Adolf Lucifer

    The fake post, re : November 1st, 2009 at 4:23 am

  • orlando


  • Row

    i hate rafa

  • akshansh

    liverpool sucks