Lyon 1-1 Liverpool Highlights

Liverpool concede a 90th-minute goal as they draw 1-1 at Lyon to leave their Champions League hopes hanging in the balance.

Watch UEFA Champions League Group E football match, Lyon Vs Liverpool Highlights here.

0-1 Babel 83′

1-1 Lisandro 90′

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12 Responses

  1. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Thanks for clearing that up matigol – I seem to recall there was some issue with a French Grand Prix some years ago for similar advertising issues.
    At any rate, the way Liverpool are going at the moment, it may not be an issue next season…

  2. matigol says:

    Alcohol sponsors are banned in France. It’s the fourth season in a row that Liverpool have had to play without sponsor on shirt (Bordeaux 2006, Marseille 2007, 2008, Lyon 2009).

  3. korok angin says:

    either win or not..ynwa..liverpool 4ever..

  4. dk206 says:

    wow….liverpool couldn’t just hold on like 7 mins…fucking hell you are shit

  5. addendum: The prohibition – if such it is – would be from the country in which the game is being played; Liverpool played with the logo in the home tie.

  6. I must say it had escaped my notice… but these are my immediate thoughts.

    I know that they are currently sponsored by Carlsberg, in a deal which extends to the end of this season.
    They are not expected to renew their £8m pa deal, as Liverpool are looking for a deal worth nearer £15m pa – and would have had no difficulty, I suspect, until recent events… and exit from Europe, or worse, non-qualification for next year, would be a huge blow to their earning potential.

    But back to your question – I suspect that advertising alcohol breaches some regulations which all nations have to adhere to in order to be televised around the world.
    Don’t quote me on it – but it seems a valid speculation.
    Any confirmatory information would be handy.

  7. Curious says:

    Can anyone shed some light on why Liverpool has no sponsor on this jersey?


  8. Tusk Tusk says:

    you spelt Babel wrong just so you know Adolf. Im just pointing it out because you act like everyone else is illeterate and you are like a walking dictionary, encyclopedia and football expert at the same time

  9. Gooner4life says:

    your never walk alone !!! simply because all 11 players walked off that pitch losers.. 1 win now in what 8 games something like that .. almost out of europe we knocked them out of the carling cup can’t see them winning anything unlucky boys 🙂

  10. kitiya james says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA“““HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,what is liverpool,s  problem.thy have good (players)good(coach)good(traning pitch)and a srong fan araund the wold,because even the manager is confuse now,we call it big wahalla.

  11. Did you see the look on Torres face when he was substituted? Did you notice the perfunctory handshake with the manager, with head down and no eye contact?

    Will another cautious substitution before the game was wrapped up be forgiven for the success of his other substitution, Ryan Babbel?
    Why can’t Babbel do that more often?
    And can Voronin and N’Gog really be the only alternative to Torres?

    Liverpool’s and Rafa’s futures hang by the slenderest of threads at this point…

  12. Tonight’s game could be the crux of Liverpool’s season – unlikely to win the EPL now, out of the Carling Cup, and potentially out of Europe; all by the first week of November!

    The Bard spoke thus: “There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune“.
    Win tonight, start a march that leads to the final in Spain, and it could be the salvation of Rafa – lose, and it could be the beginning of the end.

    Rafa endeared himself to the fans this week, when he asked about his troubles and responded “When you walk through a cloud, you have to hold your head up high”… PR or real feeling, it hit the mark!
    Whether the fans remain behind him depends on whether we see the Liverpool who played Man Utd off the park, or the Liverpool that crumbled at Fulham… and of course the fitness of Torres  (and not forgetting the tactical substitutions of Rafa!)
    Lyon may not be the force they were a few years ago, but they still have teeth,so this could prove a very tense night!