Blackburn 0-2 Man City Highlights

Watch English Premier League match, Blackburn Vs Man City Highlights here.


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4 Responses

  1. Baron GHANA says:

    Its a very good start for Man City, if only they will not be over whelmed by the genesis of their win and concerntrate on the game i think they will make it to the UEFA League coming next season. i wonder how they are making amends this season but they should wait till they meet the big boys. CHELSEA/LIVERPOOL/MAN.U/ARSENALS (with a good start)

  2. henry appoh from GHANA says:

    why insulting whiles you both know the leaders of the table is already doing thier thing. both of you i advice you to keep quiet and obey and start making provision for your suffering moment to come

  3. Togolais says:

    KAQAK Shut ur month up HATER… I bet u can even play soccer u asshole

  4. KaQaK says:

    Just the right place for Gridybayor, fits good to the rest of the team, he was never a player enough for Gunners, an kolo they just cant be commited to who showed them whats football.