Blackburn 0-2 Tottenham Highlights

Peter Crouch’s brace sent Blackburn to a rare home defeat as Tottenham moved up to fourth with a clinical win.

Watch English Premier League football match, Blackburn Rovers Vs Tottenham Hotspur highlights here.


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1 Response

  1. Adolf Lucifer says:

    Good day for Spurs, but a bad day for the managers; Big Sam lost on his Blackburn anniversary – he’s been there a year now – and ‘Onest ‘Arry felt the heavy hand of John Law on his shoulder, with the taxman claiming ‘Arry has inadvertently made some kind of error in his accounts.
    What, our ‘Arry? Who’d ‘av thunk it!
    And coming just after the players have made a mug of him by going behind his back to have the Xmas rave he’s forbidden, it must have put a damper on his Xmas Spirit!

    Never mind, January’s coming along; find a mug punter who’ll take a knocked down Russian International off his hands (Pavlyuchenko), and a Baby Bentley going cheap – that’ll put a few sovs in the back pocket eh?
    Sorted… ‘Andsome… Sweet as a nut; safe as ‘ouses; sound as a pound, know wot I mean guv?