Liverpool 1-1 Sunderland Highlights

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  1. Adam Z Lucifer says:

    The previous comment was posted here in error

  2. Adam Z Lucifer says:

    Well, the big two of La Liga shared the spoils in this match, but with Real generally having the better of it yet still not managing to parlay that into a win, have the Catalans become Jose’s Nemesis?

    But one has to wonder how the other teams can possibly compete with these two giants. Can the money in Malaga turn them into a 3rd force in Spain? Can they be an Iberian Man City? All will be revealed in the fullness of time I guess…

  3. Adam Z Lucifer says:

    Liverpool started this game like a Lion, but finished like a Lamb.
    Was it simply that they are not quite fully fit after pre-season? Or was it because Sunderland simply outplayed them?
    Either way, they were fortunate in the end not to lose all three points to a Sunderland side who impressed as the game wore on, despite having a limited out ball with Gyan. Sessignon looked very lively, and I expect him to cause a few teams trouble this season.

    Carroll looked immobile and lumbering; Wes Brown was outstanding for Sunderland, but most eyes were on Suarez, who did enough to show that he has skill and a depressing tendency to employ any tactic necessary in order to win. I predict he will become the focus of much vitriol among opposition fans for his less worthy aspects.

    On this showing King Kenny is going to need to do rather more than throw money at the problem; they did not look like contenders… but, early days…

  4. Anonymous says:

    same old LFC as a LFC fan im not surprise LFC team needs to hit da ground running no more lame strts 2 da season n then put in gr8 performances wen its 2 l8.