Man City Vs Hull City Highlights (1-1)

Jimmy Bullard scored an 82nd-minute penalty to earn Hull City a precious point and ensure a seventh successive top-flight draw for Manchester City.

Watch English Premier League football match, Man City Vs Hull City Highlights here.

First Half Highlights

Second Half Highlights


Man City 5-1 Hull (Saturday 26 March)

Man City scorers: Caicedo 15, 27, Robinho 28, 36, Ireland 82
Hull City scorers: Fagan 80

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1 Response

  1. Adolf Lucifer says:

    After the exultation at the influx of vast wealth, amid dreams of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka playing for a team aiming for the title and ECL football, the harsh realities are beginning to make themselves felt at Eastlands…
    Seven consecutive draws is a record for City, but not the kind of record they were hoping for.
    The likes of Tevez and Adebayoor have been paid outlandish wages; it’s about time they showed City supporters that their desire to win matches their desire to earn vast sums of money…

    It will be interesting to see if City can lure any good players to their cause in January – the season so far will not provide much inducement to potential targets.

    Personally, I suspect that Mark Hughes will not remain manager until the season’s end; already feelers have been put out by City to examine the possibility of Gus Hiddink taking over the job now that his mission with Russia is at an end…