Man Utd 2-0 Portsmouth Highlights

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14 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Off side!!

  2. Ayman ibrahim says:

    ROONEY ur my man
    Hey Ahmad it’s not another year
    they shouldn’t think about it

  3. mars says:

    Man utd is as lucky as possible

  4. vincent says:

    glory glory man u but i dont like the lazytov

  5. AHMED says:

    liverfoooooollllssss have 2 wait 4 another year??????????????

  6. Joe says:

    Very well said Man Utd Die Hard Fan..Hats off to you…

  7. Man Utd Die Hard Fan says:

    I am telling tis one more listen up dudes…
    Manchester United are the BEST!  Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal can all go home and fly kite.. Hw bout tat for all those f**kers out there?

  8. AHMED says:

    hehehehehehe 18th title jst around da coooorrrrnnneeerrrr????????mmmmmmaaaaaannnnnnnuuuuuu bbbeeeessssttttttt

  9. pranjal says:

    glory glory man utd

  10. man u lover says:

    man u alwis the BEST…

  11. Man u BIGGEST fan Diezel says:

    Man U a di BIGGEST side in a di World!!!! Go Reds Go!!!!

  12. Man U says:

    Job well done and a huge step towards a title. Well as for right back Gary and O’Shea injuries Rafael is playing well and Brown played on reserves Monday and might play again on Thursday so thats good news. So bring it on

  13. Adolf Lucifer says:

    We missed a sackful of chances, it should’ve been all over by HT, nevertheless we got the 3 points – and wasn’t Giggs magnificent?

    One step nearer title no 18… how are you feeling, Scousers?
    Never mind, there’s always next year…

  14. fan man u says:

    good job…
    go man red go….