Man Utd 5-2 Tottenham Highlights

Man Utd mount a spectacular comeback to defeat Tottenham on a busy day of Premier League football.

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First Half Goals


Second Half Goals – 3


All Goals



Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Manchester United

13 December 2008 – Ref: Mike Dean


Howard Webb (Yorkshire)

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45 Responses

  1. me says:

    gomes got the ball webbs ash*t ref

  2. ASIQ says:


  3. cjh says:

    The only place that would ever be a penalrty is Old Trafford. Dont know how Utd always get away with it. You either cheat to win, Diving Ronaldo or favours from the ref’s. Or bore the world to death with crappy football. ie: carling cup final, fa cup semi. Bore draws that you deserved to loose over the ninety minutes !!!

    Keep thinking everyone hates you cos your the best tho, if that makes you feel better or support a team from where you actually come from you plastic fans !!!!

  4. Mr Impartial Observer says:

     Spurs were cruising at half-time and at the start of the second half , despite controlling possession, It seemed that united needed a Huge slice of luck to get back in to the game. As we all know what united wants it always gets!
     Enter referee Howard Webb to gift United an inexcusable penalty decision. Even from his viewpoint it was clear that Gomes touched the ball which leads many spurs fans to thinking that there was something suspicous going on or Mr ( I’m always blind when Spurs appeal a 50/50 decison) Webb Caved under the pressure because he didn’t want to face the wrath of Fergie or the legions of United supporters.

      This led to Spurs losing complete focus in the game because they knew that something extremely unfair had taken place. Looking back on it A focused  Spurs would of at least prevented 3 of the four goals that were yet to come. Howard Webb has no excuses apart from the fact that he could not take the pressure!

  5. azgugu says:

    Man U memang power habis…aku akan tetap menyokong ManU…

  6. azgugu says:

    that was a very good comeback from ManU…even if Ronaldo leave Kaka and Ribery will come , ManU the best team ever…yiiiihaaaa

  7. Anonymous says:

    this was a good match because we were losing 2-0 at half time and then we got five goals and we won the. i think that it was a a penalty because gomez got carricks legs then the ball

  8. Sam says:

    Djibril, i would be suprised if you have actually watched the game, i mean, its either that or you are pretty damn stupid. I simply was never a penalty in a million years, completely changed the game as Man Us task was halved. Before the penalty they were barely in the game, i thought Spurs might get a 3rd to be honest. Youre a biased fool.

  9. Anonymous says:

    yori yori

  10. Johnnnx says:

    this is my xbox live gamertag add me if u wanna chat;)

  11. Johnnnx says:

    i would love ronaldo down my trousers;)

  12. Djibril says:

    absolutely exquisit game there. Well done Manchester United, the titles our’s now boys, and well done giggs you deserve the pfa, its about time ! No way did Manu cheat, hard place to reff, good game nice goals..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Childish Man utd haters…
    any avid football fan will know man utd is a respectable team.
    tottenham only have themselves to blame for breaking down under pressure after the 1st goal.
    kudos for united pressing on despite down 0-2.
    even if that was a wrong penalty. stick with it. this is football.

  14. governator says:

    f**k u all men-united fans. u are all cheats. even directors of aig are cheats. go n get f**ked alex ferguson son of a f**king bitch!

  15. Anonymous says:

    To scoucers who claim united players dive… you have the master of diving at liverpool in steven Gerrard…all u haters are just cracking up under the pressure…ur first tittle race in years, we don’t blame u ur not used to this kind of pressure…
    Anyway get used to the view from secomd place cuz that’s where u’ll end up come the end of the season… ull never top what we did last season and still might do this season… English European and world champions 😉

  16. yo yo says:

    I want to have sex so bad i will give it so hard and iwillgohorny

  17. yo yo says:

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  18. ichseka says:

    f**k all manutd haters
    this is not the first time manutd come back from behind……..
    liverpool s*ck your dick

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. kouby says:

    Man UTD…. go to hill

  21. Anonymous says:

    man u  are dum they cheat at evey game ??

  22. hate manu says:

    manchester united is the perfect example of rich ‘winners’
    the game was clearly bought..
    tottenham dominated the first half and the fact that they made u red dicks piss into ur pants in the first half is something u will never forget (though u won’t admit)
    screw united..

  23. cr7 says:

    governator u are son a bitch!!!

  24. governator says:

    f**k u fergie! stop s*cking refs at half time. y did ronaldo not do this against MIGHTY LIVERPOOL when they were 1-4 behind??? f**king cristina ronaldo. all manutd players are such good actors that the refs have no options but to give penalties

  25. jk says:

    it was not 50/50 it wasn’t a f**king penalty get it into your f**ki g heads you twats

  26. Anonymous says:

    Fuck u “Original Yiddster”, BITCH!

  27. Arbsz says:

    Bruvv Al deeessss teams are shiit….1. arsenal 2. chelsea 3. liverpool
    But MAN UTD is the best 5-2 tottenham have neva beet us bruvvv liverpool won by a faint of luck..! so all u shiit supporters just hurry up and die..!

  28. Arbsz says:

    yhyhb fam man utd iss deeeeeeeeee bessssssssst in de wesssssssssss tttttt

  29. Original Yiddster says:

    Munich cunts!! I hope all of your players die of aids. Bad aids.

  30. Sora Oi says:

    Glory Glory MAN UNITED!

  31. otai kg dusun says:

    wonderful game,wonderful match,wonderful spirit and wonderful team…man u da best…..

  32. Superman says:

    You aren’t cheats, you don’t even need to cheat when the ref does the work for you. Penalty was never a penalty. 2nd goal there was a foul in the build up. After that there’s no point, our hard work was out of the window, and you had your momentum built for you. You’re so arrogant and so blinded by the patches of very good football you play to see what actually happens. And you’re not from Manchester. Fuck all of you. 

  33. anonymous says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    for u lot who think we ‘re cheats… ur just jealous so stfu

  35. aleyeh says:

    Their the best and all of them combined scored those five goals. And did you really
    except tottenham to beat united.

  36. Mauricio Campillo says:

    pff! cheats? keep dreaming! just the best football team in the world! what a game, unfortunately i miss it ( i hate university now beacouse of this…) but even watching the goals makes me feel happy for the best team ever!


  37. AMR says:

    Amazing team. I think the score says it all really. Penalty was tough choice, 50/50 i’d say. Ref gave it. If spurs deserved to win, they should have attacked more. United by far the better team, and deserved it.

  38. Unknown says:

    United are cheats.
    How much did ferguson pay howard webb at half time.
    Why put him in charge when he is neighbours to wayne rooney.

    f**king cheats.
    ronaldo will be gone, kaka will come and united will still be one big fat scum!

  39. GLORY TO UNITED!! says:

    You dont score 5 goals by luck…you score them if you are good and there is no better team than UNITED in dramatic fightbacks…
    There is only one Fergie..
    There is only one Rooney…
    There is only one Ronaldo…
    there is only ONE UNITED!!!

  40. Adolf Lucifer says:

    That was sensational! Surely the best performance of the season attacking-wise (let’s not spoil the party atmosphere by dwelling too much on some of our dodgy defending) in the 2nd half we were awesome.
    Now let’s sit back and laugh at all those bitter ABU’s who will no doubt be working themselves into a fine old frenzy and claiming that we scored 5 goals and came back from 2-0 down all due to to Howard Webb’s penalty decision… you know it’s gonna be so!

  41. syed says:

    Balls…….fck man u…

  42. MANCHESTERSupporter8 says:


  43. Renzoku says:

    The greatest comeback match this season !!

  44. zein says:

    what a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Chin says: