Newcastle 0-6 Liverpool Highlights

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6 Responses

  1. tozine says:


  2. tozine says:

    with all these what is the gain

  3. edem vuvor says:

    suarz is the best striker to me and not evan rvp can be compered to him

  4. Peter olabode says:

    Who is the highest paid of liverpool

  5. Tema jerry jp aka ochendo1 says:

    wot fifa der do der ve dne it

  6. Anonymous says:

    if i should comence 4 d case of luiz z very bad ofence bt fifa has taken it 2 far cos everybdy z nt above d mistake gatuse of ac milan being hit coach match again totteham cpl last season bt no fined n punishemnt odol der do it,bt asumin z persn lik gerrad o ronney wud der gv dat punishmnt cus he on d way 2 win Pfy nd highest goalz scores?