FIFA World Cup 2010 Draw

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1 Response

  1. I.Owens says:

    As per usual England get the easiest group possible and then comes the usual rubbish from the english media , and the Englnd manager that there are no easy games and it is a difficult draw. What a load of balls. A difficult group would have Spain, Brazil, Argentina etc and not USA, Slovenia etc. 
    England should never be seeded, why are they seeded? What have they done to get seeded? If it is based on The Premiership being one of the best leagues in the world then that is wrong. How many english players play in every team, take away all the foreigners and how good would the premiership be then? I expect Engalnd to qualify from the group, even San Marino would hold their own in that group but once England play a decent team then they are coming home. Over-rated, hyped by the media and the players believe they are world class. Give me a break!