Bayern Munich 7-1 Sporting Highlights

Agg. Score: – 12:1

1-0 L.Podolski 7′


2-0 L.Podolski 34′


3-0 Â.Polga (OG) 39′


3-1 J.Moutinho 41′


4-1 B.Schweinsteiger 43′


5-1 M.van Bommel 74′


6-1 M.Klose (Pen) 82′


7-1 T.Müller 90′


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3 Responses

  1. Man U says:

    Kiz your wishes will be granted. just watch tonight’s game closely so that you can make up your mind what you’ll expect from Man U we face so keep tight .

  2. kiz says:

    I can see bayern munich getting at least into the champions league final, i know sporting are not the best team but  they still anhilated them twice. Id love to see them draw man utd in the next round (if united get through) and they can get there revenge for what happend last year!

  3. Rock and Roll says:

    Man this is fun to watch. Why just play safe if you are going up or down might well way up or way down. I hate English game on CL.