Man Utd 0-0 Bayern Munich Highlights (Pen 6-7)

Watch Audi cup 2009 match, Man Utd Vs Bayern Munich Highlights here.

Bayern Munich won the match (Audi Cup) on Penalties.

Score: Manchester United 6-7 Bayern Munich

First Half Highlights

Penalty Shoot Out 1

Penalty Shoot Out 2

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5 Responses

  1. PG says:

    Y can’t these people just face the fact that Man Utd can’t match it? SAF must bring in quality players. Not cheap & unproven players!

  2. Get a grip people!
    Evans & Evra are both defenders and it was a pre-season tournament, not the ECL Final!
    Admittedly, anyone could see Evra would miss with that ridiculously short run-up, but to say he should leave Utd? He’s one of the best LB’s in the world!

    As for the match, it was another good workout; a real step up for the players who, let’s remember last started a game against an Asian quality team.
    Bayern were tough, fitter – being further into their pre-season – and motivated by playing at home in front of a full house, so while it was disappointing that Rooney & Owen didn’t put away their one on ones, I deem  it was a satisfactory showing.

  3. jerry says:

    johnny u are sick in the head u are sh*t if u are reading this learn to shoot and u toon evra leave man u evans

  4. Chris says:

    Don’t understand how Johnny Evans is on Man Utd….that guy is terrible


    what is score bettewen man unitd vs bayain munich