Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool Highlights (Agg 7-5)

Watch Uefa Champions League, Quarter-final second leg match Chelsea Vs Liverpool Highlights here.

First leg result: Liverpool 1-3 Chelsea

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Tuesday, 14 April

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54 Responses


    COME ON YOU BLUES !     super super frank super super frank super super frank…SUPER FRANKY LAMPARD (8)                     

  2. liverpoolgirl says:

    hahaha… listen what u said nanda…. jealouse on Chelsea?!?! hahahahaha…. funy, funy, funy……

    0-0 with Everton tell as how chelsea is strong and big …. u can’t won agains Barca….

  3. kris say; says:

    kris . blue chelseeeeeeeeeeeeee must winner cuppppppppppp

  4. nanda lampard8 says:

    Let’s make promise, I’m very..very sure Chelsea will be won in Now camp. I give Simple score !! 0-2 for Chelsea. MAKE YOUR SUGGESTION!!!!!! 
    I wont to say:  MU and Barca IS POOR….!!!!!!! It is the time for Frank LAMPARD8 .Are you Jealous to Chelsea?

  5. liverpoolgirl says:

    that was been a great game!!! i’m proud on my Red’s !!! u can talk whatever u want but the truth is that Chealse never won the CL…. last year they have a chance and i’v been sad when i se trophy in the hands  drUnking Fergy, hate scum… but this year no way…. Barsa vs. Chelsea…. hahaha…. they gona smash u… in the final Barsa vs. Arsenal  and this year Arsenal going to win CL!  I wish them luck! 

    Y*N*W*A*    JFT96

  6. blue is the color says:

    it’s time for me to start walking alone….but i would rather walk with chelsea now bcos they are the champions of this great season 2009!

  7. cRazYee says:

    with this of defend, Chelsea must get ready to prwn by Barcelona

  8. Anonymous says:

    if pepol say they rather walk alone does that mean they hav no frends

  9. Cronaldo7 says:

    I am not even going to lie i really agree that Messi is better than Cronaldo this year being really serious.

  10. soccerhead says:

    Just honestly everyone has to admit that man u is not winning the champions league this year

  11. soccerhead says:

    Cristiano ronaldo is really good but you have to admit that as of now Messi is better than him and this is coming from a cristiano ronaldo fan.

  12. samuel dadson says:

    in response to all of you it was a very thrilling game. Arsenal will beat man u and Barcelona will beat Chelsea in the next round then Barcelona will beat arsenal in the final. Everyone knows that messi is clearly the best player in the world right now and for all you c ronaldo fans you know that at the moment messi is better than him.

  13. onta says:

    hey hey,
    no need to be harsh celery.  it’s just my opinion okay.

    great game indeed.

  14. Celery 1905 says:

    He’s half a boy and half a girl Torres, Torres,
    He looks just like a transvestite, Torres, Torres,
    He wears a frock, he loves the cock,
    He sells his arse on Albert Dock,
    Fernando Torres, Carragher’s bit on the side.

  15. Celery 1905 says:

    what a game… fantastic result!

    cheers to who-ever uploaded this! decent quality.

    and onta… shut the f**k up! it’s people like you who have ruined football.

  16. Haz says:

    Man Utd have won it three times LDHF you chump, football did exist before 1992 you know.

  17. chelsea=champions says:

    that was the best match i have ever seen!!!!!!!

  18. onta says:

    you guys are pathetic by insulting your opponents like that.
    come on, be a gentleman and accept the result (whether you win or lose) and be happy with it.

  19. nanda lampard8 says:
  20. nanda lampard8 says:

    liverpool is a poor.chelsea is the best

  21. nanda lampard8 says:

    it is the time for chelsea to be winner go chelsea goooo…..

  22. LDHF says:



  23. blues!!!! says:


  24. Chelsea all the way says:

    LIVERPOOL ARE OUT, god i love saying that!!

  25. mat says:

    Chelsea r gonna win the whole thing!!!
    every year since 2001 the team that eliminated real Madrid (Liverpool) has been eliminated by the team that wins the whole thing (CHELSEA!!!!)
    united have no chance against porto no english team has ever won there
    Chelsea vs  viveall final

  26. liverpool s*cks says:

    i rather walk alone

  27. Guus Hiddink says:

    dam im happy with this result but…

    look at which team we are versing in the semis…
    its bloody barcelona i dont think chelsea are gonna get past peps team!!! even though i hope we do haha

  28. nando says:

    barlcelona is the best

  29. Fornicate says:

    Woii… liverpool pennis….

    chelseaa is the best team

    liverpool is s*ck and f**k

  30. Fadhili Maeda says:

    chelsea are #1. Liverpool are s*ck, Da Blues are best. Liverpol and fans GO, GO, GO, not fitting

  31. Alex fergusson says:

    I love Chelsea fc. Manu r going down. Save us plz 🙁 chesea are coming……..

  32. Rafa Benitez says:

    They surely kick our butt :-d
    I am a sore loser

  33. Ali says:

    Liverpool got what it deserved, rafa is the man, not rafa benitez 🙁 i mean rafael nadal. GO chelsea GO. Alex free kick was awesome even GERARD wud have been proud of it.
    Alonso you r the man. Fernando alonso i.e

    As for liverfools now lose in EPL muhahaha and say you played well and lost. No trophy for runner ups

  34. molly says:

    chelsea freaking rocks! chelsea the best liverpool is so out and man united has no chance in the final!

  35. Anonymous says:

    chelsea rocks……………………..

  36. demmy says:

    who is saying liverpool is a better team to chelsea, its a mistake guy. When drogba, lampard, essien and a. cole ar in shape and God on d blues side who is liverpool. barca will also taste pepper in semi final. too much chelsea.

  37. mtreams says:

    You all talk bullsh*t!!!
    Arsenal still the best!!!

  38. TheMajestic says:

    It was a pretty good match yeah, We were expecting liverpool to win today. but yeah nothing is determined in Football lol.

    Well do not forget, that Liverpool has the highest Number of wins in Champions league (for the UK Teams).  Plus, Liverpool has the Highest number of wins in UK League. so After All! Liverpool is the best team. History shows. When it comes for experience Liverpool owns. So it’s number one pride in England!

  39. CHELSEA says:


  40. Pilate says:

    In response to Terry:

    If by “…so barcelona get ready to lose,” you mean, “Chelsea is going to get raped to hell,” then you have it spot on, lad!

    And yeah, there really wasn’t any luck involved, ash09. Unless, of course, we take a closer look at that spectacular first goal that Drogba had.

    Good game, overall. Liverpool did well to not give up. Very enjoyable, except for the losing part.

  41. Maung Aung says:

    Very Nice Try from the Liverpool part, but Chelsea OWNED!!!  Stupid Gangsta, only stay at the winning side, SHAME ON U!!! DOG!!!

  42. itachi says:

    well, i am not sure if your statement stands
    but i’d take another look if i were u

  43. Jamie says:

    How about

    Chelsea s*ck
    Liverpool s*ck
    Manchester United are the best

  44. porto fan says:

    It was a really good game!!! Go Chelsea! We are going to see you in the final 🙂

  45. terry says:

    chelsea fans we da best! so barcelona get ready to lose. CHEEEEEEALLLLSEEEEEEA. YEAH.

  46. gangsta says:


  47. gangsta says:

    chelsea rock!!!!!
    liverpool s*ck!!!!!!!!!
    chelsea re the best!!!!1

  48. ash09 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! they are so going to win huh?? they’re lucky chelsea even let them back into the game..

  49. your bald father says:

    chelsea 4 liverpool 4
    liverpools out
    GO CHELSEA!!!!!

  50. your bald father says:

    they are so gonna win
    liverpool, you’ll never walk alone

  51. gangsta says:

    liverpool rock!!!!!
    chelsea  s*ck !!!!!!!!!
    liverpool are the best!!!!1

  52. random guy says:

    go liverpool!!!

  53. sasha says:

    жилаю Удачы

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