Bolton 2-3 Liverpool Highlights


1-0 Davies 33′

1-1 Johnson 41′

2-1 Cohen 47′

2-2 Torres 56′

2-3 Gerrard 83′

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14 Responses

  1. aaron says:

    Liverpool were lucky  to beat bolten

  2. im glad 2 be liv fan says:

    luckily win for liv…
    need more good pass from mf..
    can see a different when gerrad been play on cmf and its better then he play  on amf…

  3. Sailorman207 says:

    It show the team have alot of fighting spirit which they demonstrated during the last season. Lets win the next two home games as they are very  important which will really kick start our season .

  4. Sam says:

    You will Never Walk Again
    You Will Never Win Anything
    Scousers You Will Neverbe Without Aids
    So I’d rather walk alone

  5. redza23 says:

    i also feel the same..lvrpool can win it..with last season 2 lost and a lot of drew..then,this season a couple of lost but only 2 or 3 draw maybe can make lvrpool wins the league after 20 years..we’ll see..

  6. liverpool is the best says says:

    liverpool we can win the title

  7. Souji says:

    We always give the best goals . Always!! YNWA mates!!!

  8. Ricka says:

    The First Goal for Bolton, If you look closly enough It seems like Bolton was defending in their own half and Liverpool the attacking team ? Where is the defense for Liverppol ??? Although it’s a win, Liverpool must*3 still improve to keep chase. Alonso is history, the “Team” must work as a Team and not depend on only one or two players … keep it up liverpool!!!!

  9. redza23 says:

    great strikez from gerrard..but it’s will be great if alonso is there playing together cause he is my favourite player ever..n also torres too..

  10. redza23 says:

    livrpool is a great team..but the prblem is at the defend..what i mean is central defend..carragher is a complete defender..but,what about carragher’s partner??..skrtel,agger,kyrgiakos or even ayala is a quality player..but lvrpool needs more quality defender..

  11. Fa Q says:

    liverpool are garbage     lucky to get a result from BOLTON!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Mr. Banitez says:

    Liverpool need to up their game if they really want to take the title. Todays team lacked everything and the only key players were torres and gerrard. At the moment it looks like The league belongs to chelsea, arsenal or tottenham.

  14. dobi says:

    Liverpool are the best. just waitin to see if MAN UTD (s*ckers) win or lose agenst arsenal? Cum on liverpool