Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd Highlights

John Terry grabbed the only goal of the game to extend Chelsea’s Premier League lead to five points and deal a big blow to Manchester United’s title chances.

Watch English Premier League football match, Chelsea Vs Man Utd Highlights here.

First Half Highlights

Goal – Terry

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18 Responses

  1. john says:

    chelsea is the team the best of the best. chelsea live long.

  2. p.s.  …there is only one Adolf Lucifer, and he does not defile his name with any additional elements… he is not “Adolf Lucifer (City Utd fan)”; he is not “Adolf . Lucifer”; he is no other than unadorned Adolf Lucifer.

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    I’m the real deal, Jack!
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  3. The truth is, both sets of fans will have something to take from this game – Che£ski will admittedly be the happier taking the 3 points, but United have come back from the Liverpool debacle and put in one of their strongest performances of the season, losing out on the points solely due to contentious decisions from the match officials..

    Let us not forget that many pundits – and even United fans – thought that United might be in for a tough time at Stamford Bridge, not having been in great form (whilst still garnering crucial points), while Chelsea had been looking in generally more dominant form after a wobble early on in the season.

    I see no reason to change the view I held at the outset of the season that this season’s Premiership title will be a two-way battle between these two clubs – but Che£ski’s lead at this point of the season is not hugely significant; it’s the second half of the season when United’s experience and depth of squad kick in and the pretenders to the throne start to fall by the wayside.

    After a disappointing season last time out, Arsenal look to have lost little from the sale of Toure and Adebayoor, and gained much in Vermaelen – and Arshevin has settled in and looks outstanding (when injury free), so they look good – as they always do – but I feel they still lack the depth of quality in the squad, and the steel necessary for the long haul and the hard times in winning the PL.
    Chel$ski and Man Utd bounce back from a defeat instantly, but Arsenal seem to find it harder to shake of a poor run. Not this year Arsene… I expect them to come 3rd.

    As for fourth place – it gives me no pleasure to say that Liverpool are a total shambles.
    No, waitI lie… It makes me laugh like a drain! Ah, good times…
    Anyway, Liverpool are going to be hard pressed to fight off Citeh, Spurs, Villa, or anyone else not fighting relegation who can put a strong run together!
    Seriously though, there’s a long time yet, it’s possible that they could get their act toghether – but winning the title is out of the question… they need to put all their effort into securing 4th place, and thus avert the disaster of not being in the Champion’s League!

    Whatever their future, I don’t think Ranting Rafa will be part of it for a great while longer…

    Thank you and Good Night…