Chelsea 1-1 West Ham Highlights

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5 Responses

  1. Chelsea says:

    Did you watch the game? Are you a referee? I happen to be one and that was a clear penalty. The defender put his foot out then tried to pretend he didn’t trip the attacker by withdrawing the foot. Not only would I give a penalty, but a yellow card for unsporting behaviour.

  2. hammersmad says:

    Lets be honest that was never a penalty to Chelsea. He only went down went he realised he lost the ball! But on the other hand top teams expect to get every decision go their way. Let me remind you all of when bellamy run past Terry and he then pulled him back and then recieved a free-kick himself. The reason top teams are hard to beat is because the ref always gives them the benefit of the doubt on every decision from penalties to little decisions like using your body (Carlton Cole) all the time.

  3. Lionsden says:

    Good Post!

  4. Chelsea says:

    You have a typo, ‘Frank Lampard wanted a penalty after he was tripped by Lucas Neill’ should be ‘Lampard was tripped in the box by Neil, the referee made an error in judgment and did not call a penalty”.

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