Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea Highlights

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33 Responses

  1. Hassan says:

    Liverpool was good, but manchester united is much better. They beated chelsea 3-0, what a shame 😛

  2. get says:

    good time 4 liverpool

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. martin says:


  5. martin says:


  6. Red's Forever says:

    Liverpool owns. Chelsea’s crushed and s*cks, Manchester United or should i say Bare-chested United is next to get screwed by the though inconsistant liverpool but forever pwning Man U club. Cheer on Liver!!!! Ya an essential part of our body!!!

  7. riyadi says:

    YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH  Liverpool very……… MANTAPPPPPPP…………  team

  8. lfc says:

    lampard rules? lol u disgust me…gerrard 4 life…english captain…most amazing tube time for u mate

  9. unknown says:


  10. torres says:

    beautiful goal by torres

  11. Anonymous says:

    liverpool is bad

  12. Chris says:

    absolute horrible call on the red by the ref.  He kicked the ball and then they kicked each other.  Brutal call!!!

    And i dont even like Chelsea…

  13. Patrick says:

    if Liverpool wants to be the champion this is another start, dun miss any more games, Liv can be the Champion this year.
    go reds!

  14. Lampard Rules says:

    Lampard is better than Gerrard!

  15. shady os says:

    7raaaaam lampard atarad zolm [lamdard mustnot take any thing] sorry lampard

  16. dude. says:

    liverpool deserves every single win.

  17. yovi says:

    good job lads, i hope chelsea crush and burn

  18. diaa says:

    reds make the right when he play alonsoand torres isvery strong attack in the world

  19. dude. says:

    liverpool deserves it. SIMPLE AS THAT

  20. babel says:

    Actually the red card was harsh. Lampard DID get the ball, and from the camera angle it looked like alonso who kicked him.

  21. Anonymous says:

    zain says liver pool s*cks

  22. Grace says:


  23. yenshar says:

    I agreement

  24. Anonymous says:


  25. SEROTONIN says:

    thanks for postibg the highlights i wasnt able to catch the game, so its much appreciated 🙂

  26. Jamie says:

    In then end, United will once again win the BPL.

  27. Min May Lin says:

    Keep it up, Liverpool! CHEERS!

  28. kucai(MAS) says:


  29. me says:

    **** Chelsea FC! u aint got no history! 5 champions cup .. 18 leagues! thats what we call history

  30. mkc says:

    Scolari game plan became old and common. Liverpool diserves to win today. chelsea defence had no standard……….terry and cole are poor on the pitch

  31. Ronald says:

    Lampard did earn the red…Why would u slide tackle with clits almost up toward the opponent? i mean it is not like he was about to get the ball back and score….but he was not even in the goal scoring area, so he shoulda let go of  the ball for his nearby co-player to handle!

  32. ZAHW says:

    Lampard didnt make any thing to take a red card

  33. sibbz says:

    chelsea r lost they didnt know wat waz goin on