Liverpool 1-1 Newcastle Highlights

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4 Responses

  1. Jboy4real says:

    God pls i want ma team liverpool 2 finish in d top 4 dis season giv brendan rodgers d inspiration 2 bring in players whu can assist my team[liverpool] in achieving their goal

  2. Ikechukwu friday says:

    Liverpool please bounce back to the top we want you,your fans are worried.

  3. Mfon Samson says:

    Liverpool is a Club with pedigree.A team that have dominated Europe many times.Some time ago,some was advising “General” Steve Gerald to leave Liverpool so that he can win trophy.If I may ask,what trophy have Gerald not handle ? Or you want to talk of Liverpool as a Club,which teams in Europe dread.Torres was wonderful in Liverpool,now Suarez who single handedly stop Ghana from advancing in World Cup with his hand- of- God,goal bound ball.A Hero in his country.You can only neglect Liverpool at your own peril.They never work alone.

  4. Abubakar majeed says:

    Please,brendan rodger bring a gud striker like michu,benzema,liwandosky,papie cisse,sanchez,to liverpool any of these’s ok 4 our club liverpool 2 qualfy 4 top 4 finish at d end of dis season..pls look into my case and liverpool as wel and return d joy of liverpool back in england.tanx